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What's New in Microsoft Dynamics GP (New 2020 Release)

We’ve received some great news from Microsoft. The much anticipated new release of Dynamics GP is available as of October 7, 2019. The official naming convention will follow the same “modern life cycle approach as Windows 10” with the naming for “GP Next” officially being called "Microsoft Dynamics GP". For simplicity purposes, we’ll refer to it as Dynamics GP 2020.

As part of this modern life cycle, Microsoft has committed to an annual release each October extending past 2024 along with two additional tax-update releases each year for mid-year and year-end Payroll etc.

This is a GREAT testament to the Power, Longevity and Confidence that both Endeavour and Microsoft have in the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP platform.

October Webinar: What’s new in Dynamics GP 2020 (90 min)
Wednesday October 23, 2019 @ 10am Eastern / 11am Atlantic

Webinar topics:

  • Dynamics GP Modern Life Cycle and Roadmap 2020 – 2024+
  • Dynamics GP and Cloud integration
  • Top 'What's New" over the past few releases of GP
  • What’s new in Dynamics GP (2020)
    • Financials
    • Security
    • Productivity
    • User functions
    • Cloud-integration
  • New system requirements
  • Dynamics GP upgrade services 
  • Endeavour's Support for both Dynamics GP and the new Business Central platforms
  • Next Steps

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