November 2018 Webinar 

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November Webinar – DEMO - Endeavour EFT Tracker for Dynamics GP (30 min)
Thursday November 22, 2018 - 10am EST / 11am AST

  • Audit and security for EFT Payables (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Intro and overview of Endeavour’s EFT Tracker for Dynamics GP
  • Track and be alerted to changes in Vendor EFT details:
    • Changes to EFT bank account destination
    • Changes to Vendor ID
    • Run reports on all EFTs sent
  • Optional items such as email alerts, EFT Payroll tracking and EFT AR debit transaction tracking
  • Works with multi-currency, multi-bank, multi-company, and MEM
  • EFT Tracker price (base price < $1000 CAD)




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