November Webinar  

Dynamics GP : SmartFill for GP Searches that are up to 83% faster (30-min)
Tuesday Novemeber 28, 2017
10:00am - 10:30am Eastern (11:00am -11:30am Atlantic)  

SmartFill is a great treat for your GP users.  For those who have it, the tool greatly improves search times (up to 83% faster) within and across Dynamics GP.

This webinar will provide not only a quick showcase of SmartFill, but will also provide a deeper dive on many of the advanced functions and business scenarios that will help your finance team save time and money.

With SmartFill, a Dynamics GP add on, using search terms such as "Begins with" or "Contains" lets you quickly find the results you are looking for, even for fields that were previously unsearchable. This great tool works across all of Dynamics GP as well as lets you search across your third party GP add-ins.  It's a must have tool for any organization with a large number of inventory items or large sales catalogues.

smartfill for GP

For those who attend, you will be granted a coupon to receive 15% off: Rockton SmartFill - List is $210 USD / user + maintenance for purchases through Endeavour on or before Dec 20, 2017.

We look forward to having you join us later this month for what we expect will be a valuable and informative session






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