Avalara for Tax Calculations for Business Central USA and Canada

What is “sales tax nexus”? And what are the NEW 2023 / 2024 rules for collecting USA state and local taxes for remote sales and online sales from Canada to the USA?

Talk to Endeavour and our preferred partner Avalara. There are a number of 2018-2020 and 2023 key changes in USA state and local sales tax calculations which we expect to impact a significant number of our Canadian and USA clients selling into and across the USA.  Yes both Canadian and USA companies are impacted.

Contact us to talk about pricing options. Happy to set up a more detailed discussion and even a demo with an expert Avalara consultant when the time comes. At a high level Avalara is SaaS based and charges a fee per 'tax calculation quote', similar to a fee per transaction. This makes it a lot of affordable for small and mid-sized clients.

Sample Avalara Tax Heat-Map with Economic Thresholds

Microsoft Dynamics Avalara Canada USA
Avalara Dynamics GP USA taxes

Selling in the USA - Ask these tax questions:

  • Who (do you qualify), What, Where, When… to collect and remit sales taxes?
  • What are the NEW minimum thresholds for having to collect sales taxes?
  • South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. – Why this 2018 Supreme Court decision will impact your business.


  • How Avalara can ‘ease the pain’ by integrating with Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 and your eCommerce platforms, to update and automate the calculation and reporting of each state and local city-level sales tax.
  • How does Dynamics GP calculate state sales tax?  How does Dynamics NAV and Business Central calculate sales tax? What about my ecommerce portal?


Avalara and Endeavour have the answers.  Watch this video for why you need to automate your US state tax calculations for Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Portal.

2023 Showcase for Avalara and Endeavour - New rules for Tax Collection US State and Local Taxes - Dynamics ERP  (36min)