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Endeavour Solutions has been supporting Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) for over 30 years.  Over that time we have performed over 1,000 upgrades and implementations of ERP, CRM, and Cloud applications. 
The current Dynamics GP 18.5 Roadmap extends past the year 2028+, with Dynamics GP 18.6 (2024) to be released in October 2023.

What's New Dynamics GP 18.6 (2024)

  • Financial Summary Inquiry Redisplay- Redisplay a financial summary inquiry instead of closing the window to refresh the data.  
    • A redisplay button is added to the Financial Summary Inquiry Window which will refresh the data to see updated posted information.
  •  Reverse Fiscal Year-end close by Company- In previous versions, the Reverse Fiscal year feature required ALL users to be out of ALL Dynamics GP companies. Now all users must be out of the specific company you are performing the Reverse Fiscal Year End Close.  
  • All Payables 1099 print in LINES- Building on the GP 18.5 release, users will be able to print ALL the Payables 1099 forms with boxes/lines, great for screening and verifying 1099 information.   
  • Drop-Down List Selection for Batch Source on Navigation Lists- Further expanding on GP 18.5’s Navigation List filtering, a drop-down list for filtering on Batch Source has been added.
  • Print/Email Cash Receipts- A Mass Customer Email setting window has been added to the GP 18.5 release of printing or emailing a copy of the customer’s payment in a Word template from the Customer Maintenance Card. Note this is only available from the All-Sales-Transaction Navigation List.  
  • Print Sales Order Processing Blank Picking Ticket Templates- In GP 18.6, users can print templates of SOP picking tickets per site as well as a summary document of all sites.
  • Letter Writing Assistant Final Notice Collection Letter- Previous versions would not allow users to print a Final Collections letter and add invoice details. Now with the release of 18.6, users can modify any Collection Letter notices, add the Invoice details to the reports, and print the information for the customer.
  • Completely Delete Document Attachments- Have greater control over documents users have attached to records in Dynamics GP by having the ability to completely remove attachments from Dynamics GP.  
  • Shared Mailbox with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)- Created directly from customer feedback, GP 18.6 allows users to set up the Sales and Purchasing series to use a shared mailbox for sending emails.
    • You can enter the e-mail address you want documents e-mailed from that series (Sales or Purchasing) to both appear to be e-mailed from and have replies sent back to.
  • Customer Statements Display Open Items- Customer statements display or remove Fully applied transactions. This will remove any payments, credits, or invoices that have been fully applied. 
  • Email/Reprint Vendor Remittance with Message Fields- The customized message field when creating a vendor remittance, will now be included when emailing or reprinting. 
  • Modern Authentication- Providing more options for security allowing for single-tenant key access. 

Anticipated Issue in 2023 for older versions of GP sending automated or user-selected emails directly from Dynamics GP via Office 365 / Microsoft 365.  SSL / TLS 1.2 security has changed in Office 365. An upgrade of GP is Recommended.
See options.

What's New Dynamics GP 18.5 (2023)

Dynamics GP 18.5 New Financials Features

  • Update account descriptions using Mass Modify
  • Summary Post Accounts Receivables Cash Receipt through Bank Reconciliation
  • Scroll through Account Segments
  • Payables 1099 Default to Single Feed (US-only)
  • Payables 1096 form print email address (US-only)
  • Default Inquiry sort Options (AP, AR, BR)

Dynamics GP 18.5 New Distribution Features  

  • Update Project and Contract Numbers
  • Save Filter Settings for All-In-One
  • Use GOTO from SOP Inquiry to SOP Trx Entry
  • Human Resource & Payroll (US-only)
  • SafePay - employee name from check (US-only)
  • Masking Employee Social Security Number on W2 (US-only)
  • Copy and Paste Payroll Transactions from Excel (US Payroll)
  • Saving Payroll Batch default in Transaction Entry (US Payroll)

Dynamics GP 18.5 New System & Workflow  

  • Auto Post Workflow for complete end to end process
  • Notify of Table Changes
  • Workflow Maintenance Remove Carbon Copy
  • Workflow Approver Count
  • Reminder: GP 18.3 included support for TLS 1.2 security protocol - important for GP emails sent via Office 365.  (Older versions of GP will be non-compliant)

What's New Dynamics GP 18.3 (2021)

Officially released October 5, 2020, Microsoft Dynamics GP version 18.3 (aka GP 2021) included a number of user-requested enhancements.  Some new functions include:

  • Bug fixes and feature changes requested by GP customers.
  • Updated security to support MFA (multi-factor authentication)
  • Support for TSL 1.2 - IMPORTANT for GP automated emails via Office 365
  • Maximize GP Report on "print to screen" rather than resizing.
  • Add User-Defined field to Payables Transaction Entry
  • Reconcile GL option:  Reconcile all years at once
  • Limit Excel Copy/Paste Decimals Places to Currency Setup controls
  • Add DBA Name field on Vendor Maintenance and 1099 misc form updates.  (Cool, can be rolled back to GP 2016 via table change)
  • Copy/Paste into Payables Transactions!!
  • Mask SSN on HR reports

Download the latest Dynamics GP 18.3 Features and Capabilities Guide

Dynamics GP Capabilities Guide 2020

Why upgrade to the latest Microsoft Dynamics GP
  1. You may be on an older version and need to upgrade as your current version of Microsoft Dynamics GP may be ending mainstream support.  Endeavour will still support your and your Business Applications, but Microsoft or your 3rd party add-ons may be ending their support.  Being off support presents risks associated with security, bug fixes and compatibility concerns.
  2. You may be seeking to be Cloud-hosted with new cloud productivity functions available in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.5, Oct 2022 (GP 2023).  If you are on Microsoft Dynamics GP the new Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP platform may be of interest to you.  Moving from GP to Business Central is a net new implementation with specialized tools.  There is not simple migration path.  Endeavour also offers private GP Cloud hosting in Canada for hosting GP in the cloud.
  3. New features and functions to support increased end-user productivity may pose a strong business case for upgrading.  Dynamics GP (2021) is a mature product and has an annual release schedule including new user requested functions and a roadmap past 2024.

What's New in Dynamics GP (2020) V 18.2.xx

Dynamics GP 18.2 was made available on October 7, 2019. The official naming convention follows the same “modern life cycle approach as Windows 10” with the naming for “GP Next” officially being called "Microsoft Dynamics GP". For simplicity purposes, we’ll refer to it as Dynamics GP 2020. As part of this modern life cycle, Microsoft has committed to an annual release each October extending past 2024 along with two additional tax-update releases each year for mid-year and year-end Payroll etc. This is a GREAT testament to the Power, Longevity and Confidence that both Endeavour and Microsoft have in the Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP platform.

  • Dynamics GP Modern Life Cycle and Roadmap 2020 – 2024+
  • Dynamics GP and Cloud integration Top 'What's New" over the past few releases of GP
  • What’s new in Dynamics GP (2020) Financials
    • Security
    • Productivity
    • User functions
    • Cloud-integration
    • New system requirements

We love Dynamics GP, and created this sub-brand just for YOU.

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With Endeavour you can Expect your upgrade to include:

  • A proper assessment of your needs
  • A scope and project plan to meet your objectives
  • A technical upgrade including pre-production and live production upgrade
  • Advisory Services to review opportunities for improvement including configuration, training and adoption of new functions.

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Upgrade Note:  for upgrade to Windows Server 2019 - VBA customizations in Dynamics GP are no longer supported

2019 VBA not supportedGP 2021 Roadmap

2023 White Paper on choice between Dynamics GP and Business Central

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We love Dynamics GP, and created this sub-brand just for YOU.

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