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2023 - We look forward to working with you on your next Microsoft CRM project

Dynamics 365 CloudEndeavour's Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM consultants have been working with the Microsoft CRM platform for over a decade to advise, implement and upgrade Microsoft Sales, Marketing and Customer Service CRM applications designed to improve sales velocity, end-user efficiency, and overall quality of service.

Announced on Feb 13, 2023: Endeavour Solutions and Purely CRM have merged to support Dynamics 365 clients coast-to-coast. Press release.

Ask Steve about the current promotions available in Canada and USA - Dynamics 365 for Sales Premium, Sales Enterprise and Sales Professional offers as well as promo's for Dynamics CRM on-premise to cloud-upgrades.

Non-Profit Industry Accelerators: For Endeavour custom CRM and ERP development with Power Apps and the Microsoft Dataverse (Common Data Model) for Canada and USA clients 

Dynamics 365 2023 Licensing Guide

With the release of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform for ERP, CRM and Cloud applications, Endeavour has launched a new Website dedicated to our Microsoft CRM consulting services for Canada and USA clients.

Visit our CRM site built specifically for you to showcase more on Dynamics 365 sales & service.

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Why choose Endeavour Solutions as your Microsoft CRM Partner?

User adoption is the single biggest "litmus test" for a successful CRM implementation.
If your team only views your system as as something "extra" and not as a "valuable enabler" your CRM software wasn't designed and implemented in an optimal way. Lower user adoption can be caused by a variety of factors.  Let's talk about Best Practices for process automation, AI, integrations, CRM implementations and upgrades.

Endeavour's Business Central and CRM consultants are here to help you identify ways to mitigate risks and improve adoption - resulting in improved performance.  Endeavour's CRM HealthCheck can be a great complement to your current efforts, providing an external viewpoint and best practices in building-out your a Dynamics 365 CRM strategy and adoption tactics.  Our Advisory Services include Change Management, Project Management, CRM roadmaps and CRM training.

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Steve Ewing

Vice President - ERP, CRM & Cloud

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