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At Endeavour Solutions, our continued success is due to our focus on our Microsoft customers, our people, and our core values of: Integrity, Trust, & Accountability.

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Toronto (GTA): 1-905-542-2139
Halifax: 1-902-444-7753
London: 1-519-679-0992
Montréal: 1-514-429-1209
USA and Toll-free: 1-888-257-3577

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Steve Ewing, VP - ERP, CRM & Cloud

Toronto   (905) 542-2139 ext. 213 or
Halifax     (902) 444-7753 ext. 213 et
Montréal  (514) 429-1209 ext. 248
USA and Toll-free (888) 257-3577 ext. 213

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Endeavour Canada (ESI Canada)

Endeavour Support Desk

Ontario                   (905) 542-2139 ext. 340 
Atlantic Canada   (902) 444-7753 ext. 340
Toll-free                   (888) 257-3577 ext. 340  (Canada and USA)
Québec                    (514) 429-1209 ext. 314 en français:

*Email is monitored even when the support professionals are on a call, and your email may be routed to an available representative faster than a phone support request

Support desk hours of operation:
Regular support hours are from 6:30am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday


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