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Advising our clients on their strategic business models, manufacturing, inventory management, sales orders, and financial accounting practices. 

Key themes include Growth Engines, Back-Office Efficiency,  Controls and Analytics as they relate to Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM and Cloud.   We're here to help you get more out of your Microsoft business applications.

It is estimated that 80% of all B2B buyer transactions will occur in digital channels by 2025 (Gartner)

As leaders are developing growth strategies, they establish data-driven cultures in their companies. New and existing clients often ask for a Strategy & Planning session, or a specific fit-gap assessment, ERP HealthCheck, CRM HealthCheck, BI Strategy, or a more detailed business process assessment as a precursor to:

  • Embarking on larger business process re-engineering projects (BPR) automation and workflow;
  • Planning for their Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud migration with CRM or Business Central ERP, or Dynamics NAV or GP 18.6 '2024' upgrades;
  • Implementing additional Dynamics ERP modules;
  • Integrating an M&A or new line of business;
  • Implementing MRP and vendor inventory planning;
  • Creating a new Chart of Accounts;
  • Building a BI strategy along with financial cubes; or
  • Evaluating new Microsoft Dynamics ISV partner products and add-ons.
Microsoft Advisory Services

What are your Transformation Goals?

  • Business and Revenue Transformation
  • Operation and Cost Transformation
  • Business Model Transformation
  • All-of-the above?
     Our team is here to help you succeed
best practices for Business Central implementation

"My job is not to tally up numbers and tell a story—it’s to actually be involved in the business every single day from an operational perspective. I think that it’s so easy to get caught up and not really think about the world in this way—you just want to get through the day, get through the month-end, get through the audit, get through whatever step it is. But actually sitting back and focusing on the business and helping it as best you can—being of service to the business—is critically important."

“Too often, CFOs will say, ‘I don’t need that extra analyst’ or ‘I don’t need an extra accounting manager.’ But don’t skimp on resources. The impact that a strong finance organization can have throughout the business is massive, and those resources will almost always pay for themselves,”  "Automate your processes to free up your financial resources to do more analyst work."

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Business Central ERP for New Business Models including the addition of Recurring Revenue streams and metrics

Clients engage in Endeavour’s Advisory Services from a variety of starting points:

  • They had outgrown their current accounting system and want to evaluate new ERP options (such as their fit for an upgrade to Business Central ERP, or Dynamics GP from Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, Xero Accounting, Freshbooks or from older custom accounting system)
  • They over-bought and over-spent on another ERP or CRM that under-delivered and no longer fit their needs (NetSuite, SAP, Sage and other ERP)
  • They needed to upgrade their Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP, or CRM. But first wanted to assess their business processes before replacing or removing past “custom coding” with core functions now available within Microsoft Dynamics and Dynamics 365
  • Have outgrown their current Dynamics Business Central / GP / NAV ERP configuration and/or have outgrown their current Microsoft partner and are looking to test out the Endeavour team and see a new perspective. Such clients may leverage an ERP HealthCheck to uncover ways to better leverage their investment in Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Evaluating new ERP software for entering new markets or creating new legal entities and new processes
  • They had a mandate to further improve (continuous improvement) their current usage of Dynamics GP /NAV / BC or Dynamics CRM, by implementing new workflows, new Dynamics modules or new Microsoft ISV products. (Approved ISV Partners)
  • They participated in an Endeavour 'Annual Client Review' which highlighted their ERP, CRM, Cloud licensing, business goals and additional opportunities for improvement
  • They wanted to evaluate the best BI strategy and multiple options for connecting to their Dynamics GP financial data
  • They simply wanted some additional business analysis and insight based on Endeavour's deep cross-industry experience with Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM, Business Central ,Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Cloud, Azure and Microsoft 365 including whether to move to the Cloud with Private Cloud Hosting
Whatever your starting point in 2023, the Endeavour Advisory Services and business process assessments include the following:
  • Listen
  • Understand your goals
  • Review your processes
  • Leverage our team’s knowledge and experience with similar client situations
  • Think of creative options and alternatives
  • Review the cost / benefit and mutually agree to a scope
  • Make recommendations

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Le service de révision de processus d’affaires consiste en l’analyse et en la refonte des processus de travail au sein de votre entreprise. Le but? Les optimiser de A à Z, tout en automatisant les tâches les plus importantes. La consultation en processus d’affaires peut également impliquer la schématisation et l’étude de la logique d’affaires influençant vos différents processus de prise de décisions. Tout cela en mettant une emphase clé sur les différentes parties prenantes, les règlements et les exceptions qui forment les processus de travail de votre entreprise.

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