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Endeavour PoV on Demand Planning with Microsoft Business Central ERP

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has a number of strong built-in functions for Demand Planning.  Watch the following recording of a recent client event focused on Demand Planning using Microsoft Business Central ERP.  Included are inter-related and complex planning concepts for Manufacturing and/or Distribution:

  • Demand and Supply
  • Planning parameters such as Reorder point, maximum inventory, and dampener periods
  • Demand forecast, Sales forecast, and Production forecast
  • Business Central Manufacturing setup page
  • Planning Engine Action Messages
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Videos on Demand Planning theory and setup in D365 Business Central

1 of 10: Manufacturing Set Up Page (3:34 min.) 

2 of 10: Manufacturing Set Up Page Part 2 (3:55 min.)

3 of 10: Item Cards (2:43 min.)

4 of 10: Item Cards Part 2 (4:48 min.)

5 of 10: Item Cards Part 3 (4:23 min.)

6 of 10: Stock Keeping Units (3:05 min.)

7 of 10: Demand Forecasting (3:54 min.)

8 of 10: Planning Work Sheet (2:05 min.)

9 of 10: Calculate Regenerative Planning (5:19 min.)

10 of 10: Calculate Regenerative Planning Part 2 (2:58 min.)

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Optional Add-ons for Microsoft Business Central ERP - Distribution and Manufacturing

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