June Webinar  

Dynamics GP: Wow-factor demo of eOne SmartView for time-saving use of SmartLists (45-min)
Wednesday June 21, 2017
10:00am-10:45am Eastern (11:00am-11:45am Atlantic)
This toolset is a fantastic investment for any GP users who spend a lot of time running and working with SmartLists.

Once you see it, you'll fall in love with SmartView.

eOne SmartView allows for a number of time-saving features such as:

• Extremely fast SmartList processing, in fractions of a second
• Ability to create more filters and move columns using drag and drop for your SmartLists
• Create calculated fields and sub-totals including sum, average and count on the fly
• All round improved user experience, attend this quick demo to learn more

Key presentation topics include: Smartview Box EOne
• Brief intro
• Live demo from an Endeavour consultant with her personal favourites
     o Running SmartList reports lightening fast
     o Accessing SmartView inside of GP
     o Accessing SmartView from OUTSIDE of GP (For users without a GP license)
     o Unique formatting options, filters and sub-total
     o Merging two SmartLists for a new combined view
     o Creating favourites
• Special $500-off discount for the month of June 2017








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