OneCore Leasing & Loan Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Complete ERP Application Suite for Lease, Loan & Financing Management 

Talk to Endeavour about our preferred ISV partner Seyfor (formerly Solitea) a Leading  Dynamics 365 Business Central extension called OneCore for North American Lease Management and  Loans Management including the management of custom payment terms. 

Automate, and simplify your financing and leasing workflow processes for: 
  • Fleet Management and Transportation 
  • Dealerships 
  • Retail
  • Property Management 
  • Real Estate Financing 
  • Construction & Heavy Equipment  
  • Healthcare 
  • Agriculture leasing 
  • Energy & Utilities 

Available on a SaaS subscription operating within your Business Central ERP tenant or as a perpetual purchase for on-premise.  OneCore is designed to template, automate, and manage your entire workflow process from a simple user interface. This comprehensive suite of functions manages loan and lease workflows for Canada and the United States.

Expedite your finance process by: 
  • Creating your own approval workflow and customer document templates 
  • Monitoring, archiving, and approving lease applications and credit notes 
  • Automating deadline tracking, template generation, and bulk changes 
  • Creating performance-based dashboards and scheduled reports 


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Business Central ERP for Leasing Company and issuing loans - USA and Canada

Jet reports Canada Dynamics NAV
  • Build advanced approval workflow processes, notifying, modifying, and measuring success based on set metrics.  
  • Provides a centralized database for all lease agreements, terms, and related documents. 
  • This application suite is compatible with a variety of leases including fuel cards, refueling, hire purchase agreements, insurance and many more.
  • Provides accounting calculations for base lease, additional charges, and fees.
  • Generates and manages invoices 
  • Dashboard visualization of lease payments and other business metrics. 
OneCore's Financial Management Application add-on for SMB and Mid-Market Business Central
  • OneCore Loans App
  • OneCore Financial Leasing Apps
  • OneCore Car Rental App
  • OneCore Rental App
  • OneCore Installment Sales App

  • Centralized contract data, to modify interest rate, principal, and period of active loan. 
  • An updated compliance and legislative specifics for over 100 countries.
  • Directly connected to the Business Central database and the Onecore suite. 

  • Simplified 4-step loan creation process
  • Autogenerated flexible payment calendar with irregular payment options and rate changes. 
  • Ability to change absolute and relative values based on large or missed payments.