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SSRS reports Great PlainsMicrosoft Business Intelligence tools analyze your data directing you towards new sources of revenue, cost cutting opportunities, and improved financial visibility so you can  thrive. You may be sitting on a goldmine of valuable data that could be transformed into meaning full charts, graphs or reports. The right tools and the right advice are the key to your organization reaching its goals.

The implementation of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and custom reporting solutions can greatly impact your business performance by supporting better decision making (based on data) rather than just a 'gut feel'.  Organizations with older versions of Dynamics may be using Crystal Reports, Endeavour can assist with migrating these reports to Management Reporter or to the latest Microsoft BI reporting tools including Business Analyzer for Dynamics, SSRS, Microsoft Power BI and Excel within Office 365 for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP.

Each quarter since early 2016, Microsoft has continually expanded its business applications with stronger analytical capabilities and IoT (Internet of Things) to incorporate data from connected sensors and devices using Microsoft Dynamics and Cortana Intelligence powered by Azure and the Microsoft Cloud. An example of Endeavour's recent Power BI reports can be seen at our GP Bistro for CRM page using Power BI for GP Data inside of Dynamics 365 CRM.

Ask Endeavour Solutions about an "Assisted Product Trial" or "Business Intelligence Proof of Concept / Pilot" with your own sample data to help you evaluate and roll out your own Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dynamics 365 CRM scorecards, dashboards, and data cubes with Microsoft Power BI and other Microsoft software that you may already own, such as SQL Server, SSRS Reporting, SSAS Analysis Service and data cubes, Cube Perspectives, SharePoint and of course Excel and Office 365.

2019 - Power BI Demo and Overview for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM and Cloud - Canada - 53 min by Endeavour


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Free Microsoft Dynamics GP Content Pack from Microsoft

Free GP content pack from Microsoft
 PowerBI GP Content Pack
Power BI GP Content Pack

Power BI Great Plains Content Pack

Great Plains Content Pack

BI Great Plains Content Pack

Download your own Power BI GP Content pack today - call Endeavour support for help with OData 

Update on Microsoft Power BI Pro - We're Sooo Excited !!


Looking for Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer mobile app update?

Sorry, you may be out of luck.  It would appear that the last update for Microsoft Dynamics Business Analyzer for mobile apps on iTunes or Google Play was in October 2014 (geared towards Dynamics GP 2013).  Thus there is no new mobile support for iOS 9 or Android 4.x for Business Analyzer, it would appear that Microsoft has focused all of its BI mobile apps effort on Microsoft Power BI, which has been receiving updates for their iPad, iPhone and Android apps every 2-3 weeks for the past 3 years!. 

Microsoft Power BI is fully HTML5 compliant and works on any current mobile browser (PC, Mac, Linux) in addition to the following 2018 iOS and Android native apps released by Microsoft.

2019 iTunes - Microsoft Power BI mobile apps with GREAT sample dashboards
2019 Google Play - Microsoft Power BI mobile apps with GREAT sample dashboards

Official Microsoft Power BI website

Video on Demand - Live demo and case study for Power BI with Real Data (37.Min.)

Power BI Demo "Embedding KPIs into your Organization with Power BI"

Video on Demand - Free SSRS Reports and Custom SSRS Reports in Dynamics GP ERP (21:47min)


Embedding Power BI Dashboards and KPIs with Endeavour Solutions

..... Telling a story with KPIs and dashboards via Microsoft Power BI can serve to “keep a pulse” on such metrics, supporting an aggregation of information and a more frequent review of metrics by business users. This higher frequency (weekly, daily, even multiple times a day) of reviewing and taking action based on specific metrics relevant to each department is what is referred to as “embedding KPIs” within your organization. Before we look at user adoption in relation to your efforts to embed dashboards and KPIs, let’s take a quick look into what makes a great dashboard and set of KPIs in the first place.... Read more on our Blog


Microsoft Dynamics GP and Business Intelligence - Port Hawkesbury Paper

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Power BI used to showcase Dynamics 365 CRM and GP integration for AR, Credit and Products Sold

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