End-to-End Supply Chain and WMS Overview for Dynamics Business Central Canada & USA

End-to-end apps from Insight Works to configure Business Central for a tailored supply chain and WMS solution

For anyone who deals with inventory, Endeavour and our approved partner,  Insight Works, will work with you to select and configure the optimal mix of add-on apps to extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Whether you’re a smaller operation managing a few small stock rooms or a larger company with multiple warehouse or retail locations - Endeavour will work with you to supercharge Business Central with apps from Insight Works.   Your recommended solution will provide end-to-end coverage for your supply chain needs, from taking orders all the way to shipping out products.

Laser Scanner for Business Central

Analytics for Supply Chain and Warehouse Management

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Improve warehouse accuracy and boost efficiency with a superb WMS suite

Inventory and warehouse managers often find themselves battling inefficient operations due to inaccurate warehouse transactions and time-consuming manual tracking.

With Endeavour, Business Central, and apps from Insight Works, this is now a thing of the past. With the WMS Suite by Insight Works, warehouse workers will use handheld devices to perform everyday warehouse functions.

  • Make warehouse receipts lightning fast by scanning items
  • Item and bin inquiries are a breeze when working from a handheld device
  • Efficiently perform inventory, warehouse, and ad-hoc movements from the warehouse floor
  • Create transfer receipts and shipments
  • Offline functionality ensures you can keep working even if your wi-fi is spotty
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Easily extend Dynamics 365 Business Central by creating custom apps with your own business logic

Insight Works provides an app to easily create your own apps using the business logic you define for those looking for special or unique warehouse functionality. A simple drag and drop interface lets users build and visualize complex applications and business logic with minimal effort. You’ll quickly modify menus, workflows, and applications.


Revolutionize the way orders are picked in the warehouse

Integrating Insight Works apps and handheld devices transforms paper-based warehouse picking processes from a tedious, error-prone task to a highly efficient job. Insight Works on handheld devices enables staff to work directly with Business Central 'pick tickets' and sales orders. Warehouse staff will be directed by the handheld device on what to pick and where. With Insight Works apps, warehouse picks become more streamlined and accurate.

  • View Business Central pick tickets or sales orders from handheld devices.
  • Wave, batch, and tote picking are easy.
  • Specific picks can be assigned to specific users.
  • Sort picks by the shipping carrier, weight, location, or if a forklift is needed.
  • Handheld devices will direct pickers to items by bins or shelf numbers or look-up items to identify their location within the warehouse.
  • Improve picking accuracy by optionally scanning bin codes.
  • Scan picked items and compare them to the picture on the scanner to ensure the correct items were picked.


Receiving stock & warehouse put-aways

Receiving shipments and put-aways has never been easier than with apps from Insight Works

Endeavour consultants work with the Insight Works WMS app to bring additional advanced functionality for Business Central.  Advanced functions enable dock, warehouse, and inventory staff to employ mobile computers to scan barcodes when receiving stock. Staff can receive multiple warehouse receipts at once, one warehouse receipt at a time, or start ad-hoc scanning. The Insight Works app will automatically identify the warehouse receipt.

  • Verify that the received items are correct by comparing the actual item to the picture on the screen when the barcode is scanned.
  • Track lot numbers, serial numbers, expiration dates, and more by scanning the barcode.
  • Snap photos to record damaged goods or incorrectly shipped items (scanner with camera required).
  • Build up license plates as staff receives goods.
  • Print barcodes for items that don’t arrive with barcodes.
  • Automatically post receipts to Business Central or stage the items to QA or repackage if needed.
  • Directed and non-directed picks are fully supported.

WMS receiving business central

Document Management

Attach purchase orders, invoices, receipts, and other documents to Business Central records.

Endeavour Solutions recommends this simple drag-and-drop app by Insight Works.  Business Central users will be able to attach documents to any page and module within Business Central. You’ll be able to easily associate customer POs to orders, invoices to POs, or any other file to key sections within Business Central.

Easily attach documents to your Business Central records, making them accessible when you need them, without having to search for them, and making them available to other users.

Attach documents Business Central

Order Management

Easily manage back-office order entry an industrial point-of-sale solution

Endeavour and Insight Works provide advanced apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central that enable transportation, supply chain, and distributors to quickly and easily accept orders from customers. Your team will appreciate the simple order entry interface that enables them to search for items and enter an order quickly and easily.

  • Simplified order entry screen
  • Supports barcode scanning
  • Advanced search tool to quickly find items
  • Accept multiple payment types per order
  • Accept deposits in partial or full amounts
  • Easily reconcile the cash drawer at the end of the day with a daily reconciliation report and closing process.
  • Track lost sales with formal lost sales tracking capabilities
  • Track pricing overrides on sales with formal override tracking

Sales Order Distribution

Shipping and Supply Chain for Business Central

Easily add carrier integration, real-time shipping rates, package management, and shipment tracking to Business Central

With this Business Central extension, you can streamline tedious and error-prone shipping tasks by seamlessly integrating Insight Works apps into your ERP. Shippers, warehouse employees and others will reduce manual entry errors by scanning packages directly into Business Central. You will realize money and time savings by working directly with multiple carriers.

  • Savings in the warehouse from streamlined processes that provide information in real-time
  • Includes real-time rate shopping from multiple carriers
  • Detailed package management
  • Enhanced accuracy in shipping fees based on actual package dimensions
  • Carrier integration with over 100 carriers, including UPS and FedEx
  • Simple interface with scanning support

Managing LTL load in Business Central

real time shipping Business Central

Manage all your LTL shipping details from within Business Central 

When outbound LTL shipping is vital to your business, there is little room for error, and that’s why companies turn to Endeavour and apps from Insight Works. Designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Insight Works apps help manage your entire outbound LTL shipping process. Jumping between multiple online shipping portals and Business Central is cumbersome and prone to errors. Insight Works apps eliminate the need for third-party websites and enable you to administer your LTL shipments right inside Business Central.

  • Save significant time by rate-shopping in real-time from over 300 supported LTL carriers.
  • Print shipping labels and manage the Bill of Lading (BOL) documents from Business Central.
  • Manage shipping details like blanket service, reefer requirements, power tailgate services, white-glove service, delivery specifics, and more.
  • Store packaging details such as: types of packaging (for example, pallets, crates, drums, boxes, etc.), the goods, and quantities of goods found within each package.
  • Schedule pickup and delivery times.
  • Track your LTL shipments from pickup to delivery and identify when there may be claim backs for late and non-delivered shipments.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Get business done faster, smarter and more accurately with EDI

Endeavour's apps for distribution support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) through integration with leading EDI providers. When your organization relies on automated systems to maximize operational efficiencies, you can count on Insight Works to give you complete and real-time data. All data required for Advance Shipping Notices (ASN) is collected and managed apps from Insight Works and made available to EDI systems for transmission.

More on EDI Providers for Business Central


Product Kitting and Bundle Assembly

Streamline your product bundles and re-packaging

Endeavour offers a slick Business Central app by Insight Works that makes kitting easy to manage for distributors who require kitting functionality to help manage their custom packaging solutions. Create and reuse standard kits or build new kits on the fly. Users can set up rules to manage kitting options for those who need more sophisticated functionality. For example, product B should also be included if product A is ordered.

Insight Works apps make the ordering and quote processes and associated workflow steps as simple as possible for your warehouse, sales, and operations staff.


Easily track entire pallets, boxes, or containers of mixed items, including mixed lot/serial numbers

With Insight Works apps from Endeavour, Business Central users can track and generate labels to reference entire pallets, boxes, crates, or containers that contain mixed items or mixed lot/serial numbers. License plate barcodes are easily printed directly from handheld devices. They can be used for picking, receiving, movements, consumption, and shipping.

Products and transactions can be sent to staging areas within distribution centers in one shot. Reduced barcode scans equate to increased worker productivity, and improved inventory accuracy due to less opportunity for errors, and faster transactions.

Quality Control and Quality Inspection

Highly configurable, built-in quality control

Whether you need to collect information for audits, comply with 3rd party regulations, track batch information, check that shipments are prepared correctly, or simply ensure parts are produced within spec, Endeavour and Insight Works have you covered.

Pass and fail parameters can be assigned to specific jobs with the ability to log actual results. The quality control module helps to reduce rework, produces a more consistent product, and increases overall customer satisfaction by ensuring that product quality meets their expectations.

Quality Control Business Central

Custom Labels and Classifications

Easily manage your hazardous material classifications and associated Business Central inventory items

Apps from Insight Works help manage hazardous materials while complying with regulations for businesses that produce or handle hazardous materials. Users will correctly classify items with formal, detailed hazardous material information using the Insight Works apps for Business Central.

  • Efficiently manage your hazmat codes and associated information
  • Generate WHMIS labels from Business Central
  • Streamline the shipping of dangerous goods
  • Store your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in Business Central

hazardous material classification Business Central

Procurement, Replenishment and Inventory Optimization

Optimize inventory levels to avoid stock-outs and over-stock

Insight Works offers apps for Business Central to help optimize item reorder-point parameters, minimum order levels, and other variables for purchasers, inventory managers, and others responsible for maintaining stock levels. Users can dial in their item planning using historical item data to avoid stock-outs and surplus stock. An easy-to-use interface allows users to adjust item reordering policies, including reordering points, quantity, maximum inventory levels, and other variables.

hazardous material classification Business Central

Strategic inventory planning to optimize stock purchases based on vendor incentives

Insight Works adds inventory planning functionality to Business Central with powerful, easy-to-use apps. For example, maybe you receive special incentives from your vendors like discounts or free shipping when you meet minimum order requirements. The apps from Insight Works enable you to track this detailed information and then use it when planning purchases. Insight Works optimizes inventory purchases while doing all the heavy lifting for you.

hazardous material classification Business Central

Inventory Cycle Counts

Simplify inventory counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools

Why make physical inventory counts harder than they already are? The apps from Insight Works enable inventory managers to simplify inventory, and cycle counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools.

  • Easily perform manually-entered or barcoded inventory counts
  • Automatically reconcile and post lot or serial number discrepancies
  • Predefine count sheets or allow users to complete ad hoc inventory counts
  • Create formal recount sheets to track count issues and resolutions
  • Retain historical statistics for prior counts to judge trends and performance
Business Central inventory count screen

Keep your inventory in check with automatically generated cycle counts

Managing cycle counts is an onerous task for many. For some, cycle counts may be neglected due to the nuisance of organizing regular counts. Good news! Insight Works apps for Business Central takes the headache out of cycle counts while keeping your inventory in check.

  • Be in control of your cycle count schedules
  • Automatically generate cycle counts
  • Define custom counting calendars

A complete set of Business Central scan-guns, optical laser scanners, and label printers

Our Team can help you choose from a huge selection of mobile computers, handheld barcode scanners, label printers, and accessories... serving as a one-stop-shop.

Insight Works app brings mobile device integration to Business Central to perform warehouse tasks on the warehouse floor using mobile computers. Scanning barcodes to receive inventory, pick orders, and ship items improves warehouse accuracy and boosts efficiency. Both 1D and 2D barcodes are supported, and for products that don’t have barcodes, users can quickly generate and print barcoded labels. A wide range of handheld devices is supported.

Insight Works only carries quality brands and great prices from vendors including DataLogic, Honeywell, Zebra, and others. When you buy your hardware via Endeavour and Insight Works, you also get support to ensure your apps are working properly.

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