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Request for Services  (New customers welcome = 1 hour minimum in Endeavour is Partner of Record, 2-hour min if not)

Welcome to our Microsoft Dynamics Request for Services page.  Whether you are an existing customer or a new customer you can use the following Service Request Form to submit an inquiry or service request through the Endeavour Support team. 

Microsoft Dynamics Accounting In addition to our sales team, the Endeavour Support team is well equipped to meet your support needs (often on the first call) or they will connect you with one of our Endeavour consultants and industry experts to address your needs.

Our goal it to get back to you with the next few business hours with an acknowledgement of your request and resulting actions:

a) Help desk and Service resolution - T&M billable or as part of a Bank-of-Hours support contract, OR

b) Provide you with a quote for T&M support services or a quote for a Bank-of-Hours, OR
c) Assignment of your request to our sales team to further discuss your business needs

ALL support clients must agree to a Master Services Agreement / NDA to protect both parties.

Our primary business is delivering support and implementation services around Microsoft products to our over 450 active clients. We have subject matter experts in all of the modules that Microsoft licenses under the Dynamics GP ERP (Great Plains) (GP Upgrade), Dynamics 365 for CRM, Azure and Office 365 banners and every consultant that works on site has earned several Microsoft and business certifications in their subject area. Additional specialized services are offered for our clients in the USA or using ISV Partners or en français.

SERVICE REQUEST FORM (New clients welcome)

>>>>> Click link for the Endeavour SERVICE REQUEST FORM <<<<<<

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For Sales Inquiries

Contact: Steve Ewing, Director Business Development

e-mail: sewing@endeavoursolutions.ca
Toronto:  (905) 542-2139 ext. 213 or
Halifax:   (902) 444-7753 ext. 213
Toll-free: (888) 257-3577

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