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On-Premises or in the Cloud - it's YOUR choice

With Microsoft Dynamics GP , Dynamics NAV, or Dynamics 365 Business Central hosted in a Canadian Private Cloud you are able to maintain full control and access to your data including your choice back-up methods.

With Dynamics ERP cloud hosting and your own Microsoft Dynamics on-premise license or subscription, you have choice, and can change cloud-hosting providers, cloud-hosting platforms, cloud-hosting SLAs and application management SLAs. You also have the choice to bring your Dynamics ERP instances back on-premises if you decide to invest in future internal IT networks, resources and infrastructure. Endeavour will provide recommendations that best fit your needs.

With a hosted Dynamics GP / NAV / D365 BC private cloud, you can also choose to host solely in Canada and avoid hosting in the USA, which would be subject to the US Patriot Act.
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Learn about WHY and WHEN to consider Cloud Hosting for Dynamics GP (Great Plains) Canada


Microsoft Dynamics GP Cloud or NAV Cloud - Private Cloud Canada - July 2019

Endeavour is pleased to present the following preferred Private Cloud hosting for Microsoft Dynamics GP, or NAV in Canada.

Microsoft Dynamics GP cloud hosting

* Assumes a 3-year commitment
* Additional terms and fees may apply
* Each user requires an Office 365 E3 subscription, or perpetual/ volume license of Office 365 Professional Plus to be able to work on a Terminal Server and GP cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics GP or Dynamics NAV on Microsoft AZURE Cloud Canada (Recommended for more than 16 users)

GP AzureBe careful of other providers. There are 10 to 12 different options for Hosting Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV or Business Central.  Unfortunately many do not have the performance that you would expect with an on-premise implementation.  Additionally, with Azure there are some recommended ancillary fees for back-up and infrastructure monitoring for stability and Windows patch management.


At Endeavour Solutions, we recommend a PRIVATE Azure Cloud for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP hosting. We have found that single tenant (not multi-tenant) is the preferred approach for increased flexibility and control by your IT team, and Endeavour as your Azure support team. The following is a sample of our recommended Dynamics GP Azure architecture.

Private Azure Canada Cloud - estimate 3 to 5+ Azure Servers:
1 = Main SQL Server with Microsoft Dynamics GP plus any Storage needed for ISV applications

2 = Terminal Server for Citrix and Microsoft Dynamics GP client

3 = Azure AD Server - for Active Directory management

4 = Test / Development Server (Optional)

5+ = Additional Terminal Server(s) based on number of concurrent Dynamics GP clients (Optional)
      = SalesPad and other specific ISV servers in support of your operations.


Additional cost considerations for GP Cloud Hosting in Canada

  1. You will need to supply an Office 365 license per user to be able to use Excel etc.  License options include Office 365 Business Premium Plus, or Office 365 E3, E5.    Licenses can be purchased via Endeavour.
  2. There may be additional storage costs related to document storage, Doc Attach and some ISV's that require additional space.
  3. Do you need a VPN to your office, and or VPN for direct application to application connections?
  4. Back-ups are included, but if you require additional off site backups, Geo-redundancy or added DR processes then additional costs will apply.
  5. BI and datamarts will require added processing power and storage resulting in additional cloud investments.


Which Canadian GP Cloud is the best value? Trust Endeavour.

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