Modern VoIP Phone Service to support a hybrid workforce in Canada

Endeavour VoIP Phones and Cloud service internally for our remote Microsoft consultants and Regional offices

Flexible hybrid-cloud VoIP Phone System recommended by Endeavour.

High-level overview

At Endeavour, we are helping our loyal clients increase employee productivity by adding a state-of-the-art Unified Communications Solution (Cloud-hosted VoIP phone, routing, MS Teams, and email) to help enhance collaboration and increase employee efficiency in an office or hybrid work environment.

  • Enable your team to work remotely (hybrid)
  • Integrate with Microsoft Teams for direct calls and/or conference calls
  • Monitor key performance metrics with automated reports
  • Boost company performance through detailed analytics & collaboration
  • Monitor the quality of employee communications with AI-Powered sentiment analysis
100% Hosted in the Cloud

Rest assured your system is stable, fast, and feature-rich, without requiring expensive infrastructure for each location. Long distance calling plans and desk phones are also available.

Endeavour has been pleased with the service.

Analytics at Your Fingertips

You have complete control of your phone system from any browser. Individual end users can monitor and control their business communications like never before.  Plus centralized reports for a holistic picture.

User analytics as well as administrator reports.

Auto Attendants Included

Not in the office? Let our friendly Virtual Auto Attendant answer your phones.  With simple dial by number, customers can be routed to the right staff with ease.

Endeavour uses both English and French

100s of VoIP Phone Models to Choose from

UnitedCloud’s VoIP phone service uses any SIP compliant phone. Choose from hundreds of phone models to meet your needs and budget.

Endeavour purchased Grandstream VoIP phones

Works Anywhere with an Internet Connection

Work globally from anywhere in the world. Have home-based teams? Multiple business locations tied together instantly and easily.

Endeavour has multiple phone numbers and remote soft-phone access for each consultant

Phone Support from UnitedCloud is Included

You are enabled to make your own changes via their portal, or call UnitedCloud to remotely support you.

The Endeavour Solutions team has found UnitedCloud to be responsive and effective

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VoIP Conference Call for Microsoft Teams


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Microsoft voip support

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