Mekorma Electronic Signature for Business Central Canada & USA

Secure e-signature (app) within the Microsoft Business Central AP approvals workflow

e-signature business central cheque

Mekorma Solutions is an approved Endeavour Solutions ISV partner. Approved ISV Partners. Their award-winning add-on software is used to support workflow approvals for Microsoft Dynamics.

Mekorma Logo DynamicsBusiness Central cheque printing e-signature

For Business Central there is a strategic yet simple Mekorma app for the secure management of electronic signatures for printing on Cheques / Checks from Dynamics 365 Business Central. Executive and finance leads can work remotely using Business Central’s approval workflow – cheques are then automatically be signed with Mekorma’s integrated functionality, replacing the need to physically sign cheques by hand.

The Mekorma e-signature for cheque printing app also works with the Binary Stream MEM - Multi Entity Manager app for Business Central.

Rapid Setup

  • Import signature files right within Dynamics 365 Business Central.
    • Unlimited number of signature files
  • Set up customizable threshold amounts and associate them with the appropriate signatures.
    • Unlimited number of ID's / persons / roles
  • Once the thresholds are linked to a Bank Account, designated signatures will print according to the logic you’ve defined.
    • 4 Mekorma custom cheque (check) formats:
      • Mekorma Check,
      • Mekorma Check (Stub/Stub/Check)
      • Mekorma Check (Stub/Check/Stub)
      • Mekorma Check (Check/Stub/Stub)

Mekorma esignature (e-sign) for physical Business Central printed cheques