Endeavour Client Notice - 2024

Changes in Microsoft Cloud Subscription Terms via the Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE)

Our team at Endeavour Solutions has been notified by Microsoft Corporation that there will be NEW changes to the subscription Terms & Conditions related to your Microsoft Cloud software and SaaS Services.

This is an official notice (as of March 1, 2022) of these changes in relation to your Microsoft Cloud Software Subscriptions and renewals including, but not limited to, Microsoft 365 (Office 365), Windows 365, Dynamics 365, PowerApps, Power Platform, Business Central, and Azure.

These Microsoft contract changes impact all Microsoft Cloud Subscriptions on a Global basis, across all countries, and come into effect as of the anniversary date for your current Microsoft subscription contract(s).

What stays the same

  • Subscriptions for named-users can be added on a pro-rated basis to annual subscription contracts at any time.
  • Named-user subscriptions can be reallocated between users within your cloud tenant as needed.
  • Microsoft subscription fees can continue to be paid on a monthly basis via credit card.
  • Subscription contracts are renewed at the posted Microsoft price (less discounts) at the time of renewal.

What has changed

  • 15% price increase for Microsoft 365 (Including Office 365 and PowerApps).
  • No price change announced for Dynamics 365 (CRM and Business Central).
  • User subscriptions may not be reduced until the anniversary date (end) of your annual subscription.
  • No early cancellation, reduction, transfer, or termination of contracts until the anniversary date.
  • There are optional month-to-month subscriptions that can be quoted, otherwise it is assumed that all Microsoft cloud subscriptions will be renewed on an annual 12-month contract.
  • There is now an ability to pre-pay your annual Microsoft cloud subscriptions via an invoice and cheque/EFT sent to Endeavour rather than monthly credit card charges.

Unless instructed otherwise, Endeavour will automatically renew your Microsoft subscriptions as an annual contract as of your anniversary date and will continue to bill your credit card monthly, based on the 2024 renewal price(s) and your current subscription user counts.

If you need to change user-counts, would like to pre-pay for the year, or need a special quote for the optional month-to-month subscriptions please contact Steve Ewing or the Endeavour Support desk.

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