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Why Endeavour Solutions as your Dynamics 365 CRM partner?

Microsoft CRM LogoEndeavour Solutions has been working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for close to a decade to advise and help progressive Sales and Marketing organizations improve their sales velocity, efficiency and overall performance.

Dynamics CRM has been rebranded as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service and Dynamics 365 for Marketing (CRM).With deep expertise, Endeavour has also lead the strategy, design and implementation of Dynamics CRM for improving the productivity and performance of Field Service and Customer Service teams for xRM portals including CRM Member Management for case management, first call resolution and overall customer experience with self serve dashboards and portals.  

User adoption is the single biggest "litmus test" for a successful CRM implementation. If sales people view it as something "extra" and not as a "valuable enabler" your CRM system wasn't designed or implemented in an optimal way.  Lower user adoption can be caused by a variety of factors.  Let Endeavour's CRM consultants help you to identify ways to mitigate risks and improve adoption - resulting in improved performance. 

Endeavour's Advisory Services may be a good complement to your efforts in building a CRM strategy Logoand set of adoption tactics. Including: Change Management, Project Management, CRM Roadmaps, and CRM training.

Visit our three CRM offerings Endeavour365 for CRM, CRM Rescue, and CRM for Member Management         

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At Endeavour we bring new ideas to you, not just reacting to your requestsWe will work with you to implement, upgrade and enhance your Dynamics CRM so that it serves your needs both today and into the future.  Advisory Services

Microsoft CRM: By the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. (Customer 2020 Report, by 2020), we couldn't agree more.

Endeavour Solutions is a 
Microsoft Gold ERP and Microsoft Silver CRM Partner focusing on development, implementation, upgrades, support and training for Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM. We are one of the top Microsoft Dynamics partners in Canada and a President's Club Member. Our success is due to our focus on our customers, our people and our core values of integrity, trust, and accountability Endeavour Solutions is in the top 5% of Microsoft Partners worldwide with offices in: Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, and London. (en français)

One of our many client reviews

CRM 2017 review

Updates to Microsoft CRM Product Names

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is changing its name to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for ["function"] - CRM in the Canada Cloud

Dynamics 365 for Sales Toronto

Ask us about the new TEAM licenses for 2018 Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM which offer a fantastic discount for light users, especially for custom xRM functions such as read-only access and simple Contact and Account updates. 

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales CRM 2018?

Micrsoft Dynamics CRM Toronto

By integrating a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system into your business you can increase your revenue potential, improve client interactions and maximize employee productivity by having them focus on tasks of the highest return. 

Stay Connected to Your Customers with Microsoft Dynamics for Sales CRM 2017 (on-premises or in the cloud) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service CRM Online (cloud). Microsoft CRM 2017 keeps you connected to your customers wherever you are; wherever they are. Use richer data to fuel customer service throughout your organization and help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2017 is a highly configurable system that provides powerful social insights, pipeline data and a user experience like no other.  Working with Office 365, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, Outlook, mobile apps, Azure Active Directory, web and desktop, Dynamics CRM is user-friendly and easy to access by internal and remote users across your organization.

Please Note: Microsoft Canada has specific minimum licensing requirements for Dynamics CRM with a 5-user minimum purchase.

A quick comparison by Gartner shows that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a clear WINNER, beating out and others. (Winning on Better Direction and Lower 5-Year Cost)  Learn more Dynamics 365 CRM vs

Gartner CRM report 2015
Source: "The 2015 CRM Market Leaders: Enterprise CRM Suite"  by Article

Our talented consulting team at Endeavour Solutions can help set and implement a strategy based on best practices in CRM to embed the use and adoption of CRM for Sales, for Marketing and for Service teams within your organization.  Endeavour also specializes in integrating Dynamics CRM with Dynamics GP to create a unified view of your customers and support the delivery of a superior customer experience.

According to a study completed by Forrester Research, Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers an ROI average of 243%.

How? The easily adopted system helps automate sales, marketing and administrative tasks saving time and improving your efficiency.  The real value is improved sales results due to a clearer picture and focus on customer experience, sales management and ease of doing business.  Clients have also benefited from a reduction in "lost or missing sales" previously attributed to poor follow-ups and a lack of coordination between sales, marketing and service. 

With the increased efficiency, the payback period can be as fast as 4.1 months according to Forrester's study.

Check out Microsoft's ROI calculator for a view of the Annual Cost saving for Sales teams, or Marketing automation, or Customer Service.

Endeavour supports clients with a variety of current and past versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including Dynamics CRM 3.0, Dynamics CRM 4.0, Dynamics CRM 2011, Dynamics CRM 2013, Dynamics CRM-Online, CRM 2015 and the current Dynamics CRM 2016.  We also support Microsoft Dynamics GP including Dynamics GP 7.5, Dynamics GP 8.0, Dynamics GP 9.0, Dynamics GP 10.0, Dynamics GP 2010, Dynamics GP 2013, Dynamics GP 2015 and the current Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (Released May 2016). There are also great pricing bundles for moving to the cloud with Dynamics CRM On-Line, with Office 365 and Power BI.  

Choose Endeavour as your Microsoft Partner of Record (MPOR) or Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) to gain access to Endeavour's talented team Need a New Partner?

Call us to talk about our Comprehensive Dynamics 365 CRM Assessment process as a precursor to your next Microsoft Dynamics implementation or upgrade.

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Contact Sales to learn more about Endeavour Solutions Inc. (ESI) in Canada for Microsoft Dynamics Consulting.

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Need to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise Edition - Canada?

Summer 2018 - Welcome to Endeavour. A number of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional users have been receiving notices from Microsoft that their subscription has ended and they must upgrade their Microsoft CRM (on premises, server edition, perpetual licenses) to the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Enterprise Edition subscription.  Endeavour has been working with our current clients and many new clients to assist in their licensing options and upgrades/training if required. 

Note that not all clients need to upgrade and many can stay with their current on-premises install vs Microsoft's new cloud CRM options.  Your e-mail may have read: "Renew your subscription to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Professional today" being sent from an Office 365 Ambassador (Office 365 Support).  Don't worry, many clients have received the same notice for Dynamics CRM plan renewal, which states that "I checked your account and it appears your CRM plan is a prepaid plan and those do not renew, they must be purchased again."   See CRM Price on Endeavour365

DON'T be fooled into simply buying the most expensive option, Endeavour can assist in determining the optimal and most cost effective "transition pricing" rather than paying full MSRP via the Dynamics365 pricing site for Customer-Engagement.

Contact Steve Ewing Contact today to learn more.    New to Endeavour, see our CRM Rescue page.

Microsoft CRM Toronto  CRM Rescue Canada   CRM for Member Management Canada

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2018 Demo for Dynamics 365 CRM with embedded Dynamics GP ERP data - Integrated CRM and GP


One of our favourite past demos - Dynamics CRM Overview (6:36 min.)

Stay tuned for an updated demo of Microsoft CRM 2016


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Please Note: Microsoft licensing requires a minimum of 5-users for Dynamics CRM

Toronto:  (905) 542-2139 ext. 213 or
Halifax:   (902) 444-7753 ext. 213
Canada: 1 (888) 257-3577 ext. 213

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