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Endeavour helps deliver a competitive edge with mobile and an integrated ERP / CRM
“While driver accountability was simply a Must-have, for the longevity of the business, the analytics workhorse is the true differentiating factor that separates Hopewell from its competitors”
Adam Baksh, Vice President, Hopewell Retail Services

Business Challenge
Hopewell Retail Services (Hopewell) had outgrown the simple mobile POS application that its drivers (field sales & merchandising reps.) were using to place orders via their smartphones. To support its aggressive growth plans, Hopewell needed a partner, such as Endeavour Solutions, who could help them to refine processes, boost analytics and leverage technology in a meaningful and effective manner.
Hopewell had a number of serious challenges in tracking driver performance and reporting on important in-field tasks such as sales and merchandising activities, cash management, inventory management and sales transactions per customer. There was a clear need and desire to automate and improve Hopewell’s visibility into its day-to-day field operations as a precursor to future growth.
In support of their growth plans, Hopewell needed an integrated set of systems and mobile applications that would be flexible enough to support both current and future business needs.
Endeavour Solutions designed and implemented a fully integrated solution for sales, logistics and finance, centering on Microsoft Dynamics GP hosted in a private Canadian cloud.
Integrations were developed between Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These two award-winning systems were further enhanced with SalesPad Mobile to provide additional functions and to improve the driver’s mobile experience with the use of 4G mobile tablets.
With the use of Microsoft Dynamics GP and SalesPad Mobile, the Hopewell drivers used their tablets, connected to Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud, to securely place orders, support merchandising, manage in-truck inventory, conduct customer surveys, take “proof of deployment” photos and issue cash receipts – All in real-time.

The mobile sales, merchandising and inventory management capabilities via Dynamics GP and SalesPad Mobile Canada allowed Hopewell’s field sales force to develop deeper relationships with their customers, visit more stores per day, increase sales, and introduce new value added services.
Hopewell Retail Services was also able to leverage the power and analytics of Microsoft Dynamics GP to improve driver accountability, increase its operational efficiency and grow its business. First year accomplishments include:
• Improved revenues
• Increased driver performance (Reduced drive times, increased store visits per truck, and better sales relationships)
• Reduce operating costs (reduction in inventory held on each truck and truck fuel savings)
• Eliminated high levels of cash shrink
• Introduced new ancillary services and merchandising capabilities
• Expanded their market differentiation and grew market share
The improved visibility into its field operations supported Hopewell’s implementation of a new set of best practices, sales procedures and training programs. Providing the drivers (field sales & merchandising) with the tools needed to succeed, has resulted in significant improvements in driver accountability and employee productivity.
“The time savings are substantial. In some cases it is upwards of a 50% reduction in time – fabulous results” Adam Baksh, Vice President.
With Microsoft Dynamics and the solution developed by Endeavour Solutions, Hopewell can now manage, monitor and grow its operations with confidence, freeing up valuable time and energy to focus its attention on customer service and logistics excellence. Dynamics GP Toronto, Salespad Toronto, Microsoft Dynamics Canada, Salespad mobile Toronto, Dynamics GP case study, Salespad Montreal,

Improving service levels by
migrating from Lotus / Domino to
Microsoft Office 365 and CRM
Online in the Cloud.
“The simple and straightforward approach that the team at
Endeavour Solutions took, helped us to implement our customercentric
plans for growth, without breaking the bank”
Jack Yan, Director, Business Systems,
NaceCare Solutions

Business Challenge
With escalating maintenance costs and added security risks associated
with supporting an aging Lotus Notes / Domino email system, NaceCare’s
high standards for responsiveness and customer service were at risk.,
posing a real threat to their continued success.
In addition to reducing IT support costs, the NaceCare management team
wanted to implement a cloud-hosted CRM system – one that could
support their commitment to customer excellence and meet the mobile
needs of their growing workforce.
Choosing Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (now
Dynamics 365 for Sales) was a logical choice. However, the technical
migration of Lotus Notes / Domino e-mails, address books and calendars
to Office 365 and the rapid implementation of a new CRM, required the
knowledge and experience of a consulting firm such as Endeavour.

Endeavour Solutions Inc. implemented Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft
Dynamics CRM Online, each hosted in the Cloud via Microsoft’s Canadian
Endeavour’s Office 365 consultants, specializing in the
email Migration Methodology, worked tirelessly to ensure there was zerodowntime
with the migration of NaceCare’s email.
NaceCare also benefited from Endeavour’s experienced CRM consulting
team, via the purchase of CRM Bistro™ a pre-designed, fixed-fee CRM for
Sales Management solution offered by Endeavour Solutions.

Rather than spending the proverbial 80% of their IT focus on maintaining
legacy systems and only 20% on new and innovative technologies, with
the help of Endeavour Solutions, NaceCare was able to quickly flip that
80/20 scenario, giving them a strategic edge for continued growth and
Replacing their aging email system and contacts database with Microsoft
Dynamics CRM Online and Office 365 not only helped NaceCare to reduce
support costs, it allowed for improved sales visibility via the seamless
integration of calendars and contacts between the sales reps and the
management team back at the NaceCare head office.
NaceCare had attempted to implement CRM systems in the past, but each
time was not able to gain the needed user adoption. With the Endeavour
CRM Bistro™ implementation of Dynamics 365 for sales management, the
NaceCare sales team fully embraced their new system as it made their
workday easier. Popular features helped to drive user adoption such as
ease of use, mobile access via smartphones, cloud storage with OneDrive
for Business and instant messaging with group chat using Skype for
Productivity and accountability within the NaceCare sales team was also
greatly improved through the reduction of duplicate data entry, improved
sales force visibility, and the elimination of sales concerns such as double
booked meeting rooms, missed contacts or lost e-mails due to system
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Customer Profile
For over 30 years, NaceCare has
been a leading manufacturer and
distributor of commercial janitorial
and restoration cleaning products,
equipment, and accessories.
NaceCare’s market share has been
growing significantly within the
commercial cleaning equipment
market. Much of their growth over
the past few years has been due to
new innovative products such as
canister and backpack battery
vacuums along with support
systems like software to help the
end-users measure and compare
their productivity levels ROI for
various vacuum types.

• Customer Service
• Innovation
• Attention to detail

Manufacturing and Distribution of
Commercial Cleaning Equipment,
Products and Supplies
Country or Region
Ontario, Canada
Microsoft Dynamics Partner
Endeavour Solutions Inc.
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Document published November 2016

Endeavour helps to improve production reporting by embedding KPIs into daily practices
“Their insights and depth of knowledge in Dynamics GP helped to ensure that our KPIs were well-defined, timely and accurate”
Mike O’Leary, IT Manager, Port Hawkesbury Paper - New Brunswick Canada
Business Challenge
Port Hawkesbury Paper (PHP) was in the process of being sold and needed a new set of financials that could not only be implemented quickly but would also integrate with PHP’s current PLC shop-floor systems and CMMS, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. Further to integrating these best of breed systems with a solid set of financials, PHP also wanted to prepare for a fast production ramp-up by laying the foundation for a consistent set of KPIs, Key Performance Indicators. To achieve these three goals in a timely manner the paper mill needed a trusted advisor such as Endeavour Solutions who could bring a team of experts with the depth and breadth necessary to succeed.
After a thorough analysis and discussion with the Port Hawkesbury Paper management team, Endeavour Solutions recommended Microsoft Dynamics GP to replace their SAP financials and sales processing system. Dynamics GP was then integrated with the PHP Honeywell PCL shop-floor system to track and mark sales orders as shipped within the GL. Endeavour also integrated PHP’s Avantis CMMS to synchronize PO, receiving and payables information with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
In addition to implementing Dynamics GP, Endeavour Solutions created a comprehensive BI, Business Intelligence, reporting package to consolidate and present information from four of PHP’s difference systems and databases into a single unified set of daily printed reports, graphs and visualizations. KPI reports are now available to the entire production team within 30 minutes of the end of each shift. Furthermore sales and gross margin reporting is now able to be matched with the quality records and metrics associated with each individual batch produced. Core KPIs include looking at the 30-day sales backlog, saleable gross product, warehouse inventory levels along with key production metrics such as paper-loss reporting, average production speed, measured in linear meters per minute, and PLC sensor / IoT metrics for ambient temperature, humidity levels and power consumption.
Customer Profile
Port Hawkesbury Paper is a modern pulp and paper mill in Atlantic Canada. Their SC machine (Supercalender PM2) is capable of producing 400,000 tons of SCA++, SCA+, SCA and SCB papers for use in retail inserts, magazines and catalogs and represents about 20% of the North American capacity for SC paper.
By remaining flexible in their manufacturing, they deliver what their customers need—quality paper and fast, on-time delivery.
Goals •Commitment to Service •Quality Products •Sustainable Practices •Employee Safety 
Thanks to the flexibility and ease of integration of Microsoft Dynamics GP, shortly after their acquisition, Port Hawkesbury Paper was able to ramp up their paper production within a short timeframe, knowing that their new financials and BI were in place to support their fast-paced operations.
Prior to the BI solution developed by Endeavour, the PHP production team would have to wait until the next day before being able to access important production data spread across a number of large disjointed Excel sheets. Now with the new Dynamics GP BI system, reports are available in under 30 minutes of the end of each shift, allowing for same-day analysis and review of the day’s production and upcoming requirements.
The BI solution developed by Endeavour Solutions helped to not only provide a richer set of KPI and deeper insights, it provided a means to work with well-defined metrics, standardized KPI calculations and an ability to reliably compare period over period changes and trends.
The agility and responsiveness that Microsoft Dynamics GP and the custom BI solution implemented by Endeavour Solutions has allowed the PHP management team to successfully embed KPI’s into the daily practices of its sales and production teams promoting a cultural shift towards employee pride and accountability to key sales, inventory and production metrics.
These embedded KPI’s are a top contributor to PHP’s competitiveness by supporting their commitment to quality and speed of service as they compete and excel within the highly competitive global paper market.

Endeavour helps strengthen manufacturing insights and production capacity
“Endeavour’s ability to meet all of our needs while working remotely, provided a meaningful reduction in the project costs related to our ERP upgrade and MFG Module implementation.”
Chris Campagna, Vice President, Command Electronics Inc.
Business Challenge
Within a globally competitive marketplace, Command Electronics Inc. has been able to continue its growth by delivering superior localized support to its North American OEM customers. Through its growth and expanded product lines, including the addition of modern LED lighting, Command Electronics needed to improve its production planning and controls to ensure that it was able to: meet increased demand, keep costs down and maintain high quality standards.
From a technology perspective, the team at Command Electronics needed assistance in upgrading their ERP and selecting a new Manufacturing Module, including MRP, Materials Resource Planning, system to better manage their inventory and gain deeper insights into their manufacturing unit costs.
Working remotely from their Canadian offices, the consultants at Endeavour Solutions were able to upgrade Command Electronics’ ERP system to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP and implemented the Dynamics GP MRP module to manage Command Electronics’ resource planning at its plant in Michigan USA.
Based on the guidance of the experts at Endeavour Solutions, Command Electronics was able to enhance and rebuild a number of its business processes including a focus on purchase planning and advanced inventory replenishment.
As part of the upgrade and implementation, Endeavour was able to build, enhance, and provide end-user training on a variety of reports and custom views, all while working remotely. These advanced analytics and new MRP capabilities provided Command’s management team with access to a far richer set of data and metrics in support of their growth and continued effort to provide their customers with globally competitive pricing.
Customer Profile
Command Electronics Inc. is a manufacturer of lighting for RVs, Marine, Trailers and more. Key products include 12v and low-voltage lighting, LED Lighting, Fluorescent Lighting, Injection molding and related secondary operations for its OEM customers.
Primarily a domestic manufacturer, 85% of their products are made at their plant in Michigan, the rest being locally or globally sourced.
•Globally Competitive Pricing
•Employee Safety
•Product Quality
•Customer Service
With Microsoft Dynamics GP, and the team at Endeavour Solutions, Command Electronics was able to not only replace and upgrade its previously systems, but was also to lay the foundation for its continued expansion and growth.
The advanced reporting used within Microsoft Dynamics GP improved both the accuracy and confidence in Command’s manufacturing and inventory planning data. Being the only lighting supplier with domestic manufacturing capability left in its industry, strategic planning and sourcing of raw componentry was critical to their team’s agility and success as a component supplier to their OEM customers.
Endeavour’s remote consulting approach provided Command Electronics with a comprehensive set of Dynamics GP upgrade, configuration and training services, while at the same time allowing for a significant reduction in the travel time and costs associated with the project. The team from Endeavour Solutions met with the executive team and project sponsors at Command Electronics for an initial face-to-face project kick-off at their head office in Michigan, and then from that point on, the rest of the project was conducted remotely via Endeavour’s Canadian offices, using remote VPN access, email and web conference calls.


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