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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 was released in Canada & USA on October 2, 2018 (Microsoft Great Plains 2018 R2)

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 - Top NEW Features:  And be sure to suggest your own new functions to Microsoft (HERE)

GP 2018 R2 Financial Enhancements

A number of updates have been made to the finance area in Dynamics GP.

Monthly recurring batches

With the release of Dynamics GP 2018 R2, users can specify if a monthly or bi-monthly recurring batch must end on the last day of the month in Payables, Receivables, and Inventory Management. When marked, it will automatically set the posting date to the last day of the month. So, if the batch is posted the next posting date would be set to May 31. This is great because before (and without the box checked) it would default the posting date to May 30.

Three windows have been changed to accommodate the new monthly and bi-monthly recurring batch functionality:

  • Receivables Batch Entry
  • Payables Batch Entry
  • Inventory Batch Entry

A new field, Use last day of the month has been added underneath the Frequency field in all three windows. The Use last day of the month option is available only when the Frequency field has been set to Monthly or Bi-Monthly. When the Use last day of the month option is marked for a monthly recurring batch, the Posting Date will be the last day of each month (EOM). When the Use last day of the month option is marked for a bi-monthly recurring batch, the Posting Date will be the last day of every other month (EOM).

Transaction level post through G/L

Users can now post through the general ledger at the transaction level in several windows. A new option has been added to Posting Setup to allow transactions to post through the general ledger if marked to post through.

Duplicate check numbers

You can now prevent or enable the use of duplicate check numbers for more than just Payables Checks by setting or clearing the Duplicate Check Numbers field in the Checkbook Maintenance window. If the field is cleared, then Dynamics GP will prevent users from using a duplicate check number in the Bank Transaction Entry, Miscellaneous Checks, and Payroll Manual Check-Adjustment Entry windows.

Bulk update master records as inactive from navigation lists

In Dynamics GP 2018 R2, users can inactivate and reactivate master records for accounts, checkbooks, customers, sales people, vendors, employees, and items from Navigation Lists. Additionally, users can inactivate one employee at a time from navigation lists.

The Inactivate option becomes available when the user has selected one or more master records on the navigation list. The Reactivate option becomes available when the user has selected one or more inactive master records on the navigation list. If a master record is marked as inactive, a visual indicator shows to the right of the Select checkbox on the navigation list to indicate that the record is inactive.

For each of the different types of master records, Dynamics GP checks that the record meets the relevant criteria to be marked as inactive. The Inactivate option follows existing rules and logic in Dynamics GP for each master record type. Users will be notified if the change succeeded or failed through the yellow status bar at the top of the list. If the record could not be marked as inactive or reactivated, users can print a Status Message Detail report to get more information around why the change failed.

Options with the names Inactivate and Reactivate have been added to the Modify section of the Accounts Navigation List, Checkbooks Navigation List, Customers Navigation List, Salespeople Navigation List, Vendors Navigation List, Items Navigation List, and Employees Navigation List windows.

Allow partial purchase on a purchase requisition from a purchase order

When you create a purchase order, you can now enter a quantity that is less than the total quantity requested. This is also possible if you create a purchase order from one or more requisitions.

When you create a purchase order from one or more purchase requisitions, you now have the option to purchase a quantity less than what was initially requested in the Purchase Order Preview window. The remaining quantity on the requisition will then be canceled.

For example, if you have a quantity of 70 of the item 128 SDRAM on a requisition, but you only want to purchase 35 items, you can now adjust that quantity in the Purchase Order Preview window. When you adjust the Qty To Purchase field to 35, you receive a warning that the remaining quantity ordered will be canceled. When the purchase order is generated, the purchase requisition will move to history if all lines on the requisition have been fully or partially ordered with the remaining quantity on the partially ordered lines canceled.

If you drill back on the transaction in the Purchase Requisition Inquiry zoom, there will be a red icon as a visual indicator to show that the quantity was only partially ordered.


Warning when the vendor is on hold

If you are entering a payables transaction for a vendor that is marked as on hold, you now get a visual indicator. This is similar to the customer hold status that was implemented in an earlier version of Dynamics GP. Additionally, Dynamics GP throws a warning message when a user attempts to enter a transaction when the vendor is on hold.

New SmartList for deposits associated with unposted sales transactions

In Dynamics GP 2018 R2, users can easily view deposit amounts associated with unposted sales invoices and orders through the new Deposits on Unposted Sales Transactions SmartList. This SmartList is a new option under Sales Transactions so you can quickly see customers that have put a deposit on a sales transaction, but the sales transaction hasn't been posted. No more searching through the sales records to see the deposits, now you have a new SmartList to view the details. This new default SmartList is filtered to look at Sales Order WORK transactions (SOP10100) with a Deposit Received amount (DEPRECVD field) greater than zero. 

Email customer statements

In the Customer Maintenance window, you can now email statements with the click of a button. A new email button can be found on the Menu bar of the Customer Maintenance window.

When you click the email button, Dynamics GP will email a customer statement to the customer that you have selected in the window. The settings from your 'BLANK FORM' statement ID will be used for this functionality. If a Statement ID of 'BLANK FORM' does not already exist in your company, then Dynamics GP will create a new Statement ID with the name 'BLANK FORM' with the following settings:
Field                              Value
Date to Print                  End of Month
Form                             On Blank Paper Print
For                                All Options Marked

*Email functionality is dependent on Word Templates being enabled and properly configured in your company.

Workflow 4.0

Dynamics GP 2018 R2 includes a new Sales Transaction Approval workflow where you can create approvals based on several conditions such as whether a customer credit limit is exceeded on the transaction or not. Not only can you set workflow approval on customer credit limits, but you can set workflow approvals on all transaction types in Sales Transaction Entry. We added a new email message to work with sales transactions, just like the other workflow types. Workflow history is displayed in inquiry windows too.

System Requirements

The following are no longer supported with Dynamics GP 2018 R2:  GP 2018 System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2008 all editions
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 all editions
  • Microsoft Windows 7 all editions  Updated - Windows 7 client and server are supported as of Jan 2018.
  • Microsoft Office 2010

Why Upgrade your Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP (Great Plains) to GP 2018 R2?

Dynamics GP upgrade logoUpdated October 2018:  Microsoft Dynamics GP is actively being SUPPORTED and SOLD by Microsoft via authorized partners. We expect that Microsoft Dynamics GP will be supported and enhanced for many years to come. As Microsoft is starting to promote its new cloud-based Dynamics 365 ERP directly via its website, Microsoft is relying heavily on partners such as Endeavour Solutions to continue to promote and educate clients on the LONG TERM value of Dynamics GP. See below for the current product roadmap.   Note: Dynamics GP 2018 R2 was recently released on October 2, 2018.  Dynamics GP 2013 R2 ended its Microsoft support in spring 2018, if you have Canadian Payroll you will need to upgrade GP to GP 2015 or higher ASAP.

With GP 2018 and GP 2018R2, Microsoft has significantly improved the Web Client with a complete rewrite and redesign in HTML5, which is the modern technology that allows browser applications to automatically resize themselves on tablets and smartphones.  Released in December 2017, the New Dynamics GP 2018 represents the culmination of many "user requested" functions and enhancements made over the past few years.  As seen in the "what's new PDF" this recent release represents user-centric functions from 2015, 2016 and 2017/18.

Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains ERP) was recently designated as a "MATURE PRODUCT" by Microsoft, which suggests that future releases will continue to focus on smaller usability and workflow enhancements rather than large structural design changes.  For an ERP system, where stability and predictability are paramount, this is a welcomed designation.

Based on Endeavour's experience internally and more recently with clients who we have helped to upgrade to Dynamics GP 2016 R2, we'd like to share the following:

1) The general consensus is that all of the ISV and 3rd party products are fully compliant with GP 2018, most will be compliant with GP 2018 R2 by January 2019.  We suggest, if you are on GP 2010 or GP 2013, you start to plan your GP 2018 upgrade ASAP, you're now 6-7 versions behind.  An added comfort is that GP 2018 is quite similar to GP 2016, (even the “2018: What’s New” guide references GP 2016 and GP 2015 in sections), and therefore based on Endeavour's last 36+ months working with GP 2016 and GP 2018, we know what to expect with functionality and capability.  There is no need to delay in your upgrade planning and preparations.

Dynamics GP 2018R2 Roadmap

2) Arguably the TOP reason to upgrade, is the Mature workflow capabilities that can further refine and automate your business processes. Originally released in GP 2013 R2 and enhanced in GP 2015 and GP 2016, the workflow capabilities within GP 2018 are robust and well worth exploring. In our opinion, spending the time to map out and automate your business processes Advisory Services is the best way to enhance the strategic nature and ROI of your ERP. Core workflow capabilities include a variety of e-mail based approvals where Line of Business users can approve items without going into or needing a license for GP. Cascading approval processes, time outs and exception handling have each been thought out for approval processing related to each of GP Financial, Sales, Purchasing and Inventory transactions / cards.

3) The web client is stable and functions well. As with most long term GP users, especially those who use GP every day for data entry, the thought of using the GP web client rather than the full desktop client sounds a little foreign. However, once you get past the initial learning curve and navigation (15 min. or so), the web client has been reported to be "acceptable" as it strongly mimics the desktop version with the layering of windows within the browser. It should also be noted that the web client works in Chrome, Firefox, IE 11/Edge as well as Safari for those clients with Apple Mac users.  That being said, we still recommend the GP desktop client for every-day use, and leverage the web client for ad-hoc inquiries, quick inquiry access on evenings and weekends, or for mobile access while outside of the office.

4) Tablet and mobile access is also good and is getting our team’s creative juices flowing for potential new business scenarios. However, using dedicated mobile applications such as SalesPad Mobile, or Dynamics 365 for Sales - CRM, or web forms connected via SmartConnect for Dynamics GP may alleviate the need for purchasing additional full GP licenses for an extended group of mobile users.

2010 to 2016 GP upgrade Image above – GP 2016 R2 on an iPad: Customer Screen, Smartlist in background above the desktop.
See a GP 2016 demo at

5) Within GP 2018, there are new All-In-One viewers for Sales Management and Inventory Management. These new All-in-One viewers complement the Purchasing All-in-One viewer released with GP 2015 R2. Generally, viewers make it easier to view the documents related to a given transaction, without the aggravation of having to drill down into multiple documents and screens.

6) From a technical perspective, out Endeavour technical team looked at the new Systems Requirements for GP 2018.

Two items to highlight:

A) There are numerous new SQL Server 2016 database, virtual machine and hybrid cloud options available for GP 2016 & GP 2018, many of which are worth evaluating as part of your future upgrade plans; and,
B) Microsoft Office 2010 is no longer supported, so this may be a great time to consider the new Office 365 Enterprise cloud and desktop applications. Endeavour Office 365
C) Management Reporter (MR2012 CU16) is still being updated with its most recent update being released March 2017 - to include a variety of fixes including support for GP 2016 Dexterity Shared Components and a variety of new fixes / cumulative updates.
D) Windows 7 is no longer supported.

Happy to have upgraded their Dynamics GP with Endeavour

client review
client review
client review

Why choose Endeavour Solutions as your Dynamics GP Canadian Partner?

Dynamics GP 2016 LogoEndeavour Solutions has been working with Microsoft Dynamics GP Canada for over 20-years to advise and help progressive organizations improve their business processes, operational efficiency and overall performance by leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP.  Underpinning each project is our belief that a strong ERP or CRM is only as good at the data within it. Based on this concept, our team at Endeavour strives to ask "why" and "how" to uncover the true processes and business insights that will help drive innovation within your business. Advisory Services

As our clients can attest: at Endeavour, we bring new ideas to you instead of only reacting to your requestsWe will work with you to implement, upgrade and enhance your Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) so that it serves your needs both today and into the future.   Complementing your configuration and optimization of Dynamics GP are a series of advanced functions and tools from our Approved ISV Partners.

Endeavour Solutions Canada is a Microsoft Gold ERP and Microsoft Silver CRM Partner focusing on development, implementation, upgrades, support and training for Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM as well as Office 365 and Microsoft Power BI. We are one of the top Microsoft Dynamics partners in Canada, a President's Club Member and are currently the largest Microsoft ERP partner in Canada that has a sole focus on Dynamics GP ERP.

Our success is due to our focus on our customers, our people and our core values of integrity, trust, and accountability.  Endeavour Solutions is in the top 5% of Microsoft Partners worldwide with offices in: Toronto, Halifax, London, Ottawa, Edmonton and Montréal with remote support to the USA.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 System Requirements / Hardware Requirements

Complements of our Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Consultants (GP 2018, GP 2018 R2  and GP Web Client)
This document contains the minimum client hardware requirements, server recommendations and Terminal Server minimum hardware requirements supported by the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Support Team. The following server recommendations are not minimum server requirements. The requirements and recommendations are based on experience with many different installations. Users may need to increase these requirements due to environmental factors to achieve individual performance expectations.   Review each Customer Profile below to determine what profile best fits the user count, modules used and transaction volume for your environment. Use that Customer Profile as a recommendation for your server hardware implementation. 

NOTE: Windows 7 is NOW supported as of January 2018 (Windows 7 was announced as previously not supported for GP 2018)

Click to Download the full technical support paper. New System Requirements for Dynamics GP 2018.pdf

For on-premises we now recommend a minimum of 16GB of RAM for clients running Dynamics GP and 32-64GB RAM for Management Reporter (MR) if using datamart.

Microsoft Corporation - Dynamics GP 2018 Overview (11:01min)


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