2019 Prophix Canadian Consulting by Endeavour Solutions (Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, London and Edmonton) for Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP and Dynamics 365 CRM

Prophix installation Toronto

Prophix is an approved Endeavour Solutions ISV partner. Approved ISV Partners. Their award-winning CPM (Corporate Performance Management) is used to support Enterprise and Mid-market reporting needs.  Prophix' enterprise reporting software has been integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP and is used by Endeavour Solutions clients in Canada and USA to expand and optimize their investment in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  As a 2016-2019 Canadian Prophix Advisor and Authorized Partner, you can contact Endeavour for Prophix software renewals, quotes, demonstrations, Canadian pricing and discussions around product licensing, integration and configuration.

Three core Prophix CPM (CLOUD or On-Prem) product groupings are:

  1. Financial Planning, Budgeting and Reports (On-site, hosted, or in the Cloud). Analyze the health of your business. Prophix’s software is built using Microsoft technologies and configured by Endeavour to solve your Dynamics GP financial planning challenges. Organizations with greater visibility into their
    company’s financial health can quickly and easily track performance against plan, thus enabling course corrections as required.
  2. Operational Planning and Reports (On-site, hosted, or in the Cloud). With Line of Business collaboration and workflow tools Prophix helps LOB functional teams outside the Office of Finance, streamline planning processes and integrate seamlessly with your existing GP, CRM and BI systems.
  3. Mobile and Desktop Applications (Prophix Version 12, and others) are accessible via 1) an HTML5 browser, or 2) via a super fast desktop client, or 3) via secure mobile applications.  Prophix is a single platform, unlike others, it has been built by Prophix in a unified and scalable fashion, not by "cobbled together" acquisitions. 

    With Prophix, Endeavour is pleased to offer On-premises or Cloud licensing and hosting options.  We highly recommend the Cloud hosted version, hosted in Canada by Prophix with the highest level of enterprise security and performance.


Endeavour Introduction to Prophix for Microsoft Dynamics GP (5:01) by Endeavour

A quick introduction to Prophix along with two fun vignettes showing the power of Prophix for Microsoft Dynamics customers.


2017 Live Demo - Prophix to Super Charge your Dynamics GP (53:59 min) by Endeavour


Financial Planning and Budgets with Prophix for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial Planning Prophix

Financial Planning and Budgets with Prophix for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Create consistent and accurate budgets, reduce duplication, and more time for analysis. Create precise budgets with far less labor and gain a deeper understanding of what drives profitability.

Financial Consolidation
Prophix financial consolidation empowers companies with clear insights derived from accurate consolidated financial information by eliminating manual processes and automating reoccurring ones.

Facilitate business analysis from multiple perspectives. Gain a holistic view of your organization’s performance, while satisfying specific requirements for financial and operational analysis to make informed decisions.

Prophix’s reporting and analytics provides dashboards and scorecards that capture important views of business performance at a glance.

Cash Flow Planning

Understanding financial performance along with your cash position will provide your executive team with the ability to properly time investments, ensure purchases are in alignment with organizational objectives and improve communications with your bank.



Prophix Corporate Performance Management Video (1:42) by Prophix



Operational Planning and Budgets with Prophix for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Operations Planning Prophix Canada

Operational Planning and Budgets with Prophix for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Revenue Planning
Sales is the lifeblood of every company, but forecasts can change rapidly, so having the flexibility to create alternative scenarios quickly and efficiently is
essential. Detailed Planning capabilities within Prophix, allows you to vary inputs and see changes to the bottom line immediately.

Profitability Analysis
Improve sales and operational decision making. Prophix’s profitability analysis enables companies to feed their operational plans by evaluating key profitability measures such as profit margins, gross profit, operating profit, pretax profit, net profit, and profit and loss statements. Organizations can use past performance as a touchstone to accurately report and share the evaluation of profitability—what could be more important?

Project Planning

Link your project plans to corporate plans and forecasts. Prophix allows you to collaborate across your organization and understand the potential outcomes of proposed initiatives, with a completely integrated project plan and financial plan from a single, unified software solution.

Personnel Planning
Accurately track true employee costs. Prophix’s personnel planning software easily handles the many variables involved in payroll calculations, providing the control, accuracy, and flexibility required for analysis of personnel data. Integrate personnel data with the company’s main financial data to provide precise consolidated figures.

CapEx Planning

Prophix’s software enables CapEx planning that integrates detailed capital asset costs into historical financial statements and investigates how capital expenditures impact your company’s performance?

2016 Endeavour Webinar Recording - Prophix Demo for Dynamics GP (27:02min)


Want to learn more?

For Sales Inquiries

Contact: Steve Ewing, Director Business Development

e-mail: sewing@endeavoursolutions.ca
Toronto:  (905) 542-2139 ext. 213 or
Halifax:   (902) 444-7753 ext. 213

(en français)

Pour les demandes liées aux ventes, veuillez communiquer avec:

Eric Labelle, Consultant - Responsable régional Québec
Montréal (514) 429-1209 x 248

Next Steps? Contact Steve Ewing above, or CLICK below for access to the Endeavour / Prophix demo library to see Prophix in action !

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Consolidating data into Data Cubes for Dynamics GP, CRM, Payroll and other Data

Dynamics GP Cube

2019 Prophix Canada GP Consultants

Prophix installation Toronto

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2019 Endeavour Exclusive - Gain Access to the Prophix Demo Library

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Visiting from the USA?

Endeavour has a proven methodology and process for supporting clients remotely, including support for Prophix and Dynamics GP.  We have more information on our
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