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Blog post: Embedding Power BI Dashboards and KPIs with Endeavour Solutions

..... Telling a story with KPIs and dashboards via Microsoft Power BI can serve to “keep a pulse” on such metrics, supporting an aggregation of information and a more frequent review of metrics by business users. This higher frequency (weekly, daily, even multiple times a day) of reviewing and taking action based on specific metrics relevant to each department is what is referred to as “embedding KPIs” within your organization. Before we look at user adoption in relation to your efforts to embed dashboards and KPIs, let’s take a quick look into what makes a great dashboard and set of KPIs in the first place....


Fall 2017 Update on Microsoft Power BI Pro - We're Sooo Excited !!


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Microsoft Power BI is a Cloud BI solution that is fully HTML5 compliant and works on any current mobile browser (PC, Mac, Linux) in addition to the following 2018 iOS and Android native apps released by Microsoft.

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