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The following customer reviews are screen-grabs from Microsoft Pinpoint run by Microsoft Corporation between 2014 and 2016.  The following are all 26 references provided by many of the satisfied Endeavour customers on Microsoft's website.  Microsoft Canada's Pinpoint website strategy was changed in July 2016 to no longer support or retain customer reviews (updated 2017 to "Find a Microsoft Partner" within Microsoft Partner Center).  -  Interesting & Innovative Projects      Endeavour's recent list of client testimonials can be found on Google Maps  (Recent Google Reviews)

4.5 out of 5 stars Endeavour Solutions 4.7 out of 5 Stars based on 26 user ratings.

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Microsoft Dynamics GP reviews, Microsoft Dynamics CRM reviews, Microsoft Dynamics Partner reviews, Microsoft Cloud Review, Microsoft Office 365 customer review, Dynamics customer reviews, Dynamics client testimonials and reviews. Microsoft Dynamics GP customer reviews in Toronto Ontario Canada, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, Montreal Quebec Canada, London Ontario Canada and Edmonton Alberta Canada. With additional coverage for Saskatchewan and Manitoba for Dynamics GP.


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Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
Our Association supports members across Canada and is new to Endeavour Solutions. We switched to Endeavour from our previous GP partner in late March and are very pleased with the professionalism and depth of knowledge that we have received from the team at Endeavour. With their guidance, we recently completed our GP 2015 R2 upgrade with great success.
Thank you to Thargelia, Robert, Tony, Lynette, Steve and Nikki
Review by Mark C, Finance Manager on 2016-05-16
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
On a transféré notre compte a Endeavour Solutions d'un autre fournisseur et ne pouvait pas pu être plus satisfaits. Ils semblent avoir plusieurs consultants à travers des bureaux à Montréal, à Halifax et à Toronto. Que ce soit en français ou en anglais, chaque été très utile et leur bureau de soutien a été rapide pour répondre à nos demandes
Merci aux consultants Endeavour avec qui nous avons travaillé jusqu'à présent, Pierre, Nikki, Brittni et Judy
Review by Anthony D, Dir. Tech on 2016-05-03
Dynamic GP and Accounting Advice
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
Endeavour assisted in the transition from our old accounting software to Microsoft Dynamics. Endeavour made the transition easy by answering question and offered training for the new program. In the past few years I have the pleasure of working with a few people from endeavor they were always helpful, courteous and very knowledgeable.
Thank you Brittany, Nikki and Thargelia.
Review by Crystal on 2016-04-29
Dynamic GP 2013 - Implementation, integration & continued expansion
Pros: * * * * * 4.5 Star
Our company has been working with the Endeavour team for about a year and a half, enlisting their expertise from the initial platform migration and launch, through various additional implementations of 3rd party addons, expansion packs, reporting tools and services. We continue to rely on their excellent professional services as we indentify new tools and capabilities of the system. I would say that our company considers them as an extension of our team, as we continue to grow and collaborate with them on both current and future enhancements. They have been absolutely instrumental for our user training and MR projects, and are currently working with us towards the implementation MRP. We are also strongly leaning towards enlisting their services for our upcoming CRM solution/implementation.
The team is fantastic to work with. I've worked with various team members during the last 10 months that I've been in this role, and they have always been a great resource. Thank you for the great support to Tom, Brittni, Nikki, Tony, Bharat, Steve, Scott and many others who I'm probably forgetting to mention.
Review by Stefan O. - IT Manager on 2016-04-21
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GP Implemention
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
The team assisted in migrating from our old accounting system to Microsoft Dynamics GP and they also assisted with our EDI implementation and directed us to SPS Commerce.
Special thanks to Rob, Irasema, Tom and Brittni
Review by Anna A - Accounting on 2016-04-20
Great Dynamics GP Support
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
The team at Endeavour was instrumental to ensuring our upgrade in 2015 went as planned. Very professional.
Really enjoyed working with Chad - he has great personality and he got my jokes!
Review by Kari-Lynn, New Brunswick on 2016-02-17
A fantastic team with a lot of depth
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
They were invaluable with helping our team to implement GP with SalesPad. Which sounds easy, but it hit some many different aspects of our business. Most recently they helped with period end training and fixing overshorts and monthly AR statements.
It's been a pleasure working with Brittni and others at Endeavour.
Review by Manisha S, CPA on 2016-01-19
GP consulting and training
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
the staff was friendly and professional. the staff was great and helpful, always available at any time.
Thanks to Thargelia for the great class
Review by Germaine B, Accountant on 2016-01-19
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
The team support us with day to day payable and reporting service great.
Review by Sophia Sun on 2015-12-22
Remote Dynamics Support Implementation
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
They have become an extension to our team. I have had the pleasure of working with 3-4 different consultants over the years. Even though we are located in Michigan and they are in Canada, service has been fantastic.
Really enjoy the cookies.
Review by Chris-VP on 2015-12-22
Dynamics GP
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
Their consultant has been a pleasure to work with. I truly value his quick insights to our needs. He takes time to understand the issue and provides options and recommendations.
Review by Fawzia on 2015-12-22
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
As an employee I've been working at Endeavour Solutions in the Mississauga office for last 4 months. I am very impressed not only with our leadership team, but also with our consultants' dedication to customer service and meeting client needs. The team at Endeavour treats each other as family and extends the same level of respect and welcoming to our new clients and existing client base.
I've seen over the past few months that the company's sole dedication to Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM has allowed for a stronger focus, commitment and dedication to these two applications - More than I have seen at previous employers who supported a broad range of multiple products.
Review by Scott J on 2015-11-03
Excellent Services!
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
The team was very professional and easy to work with.
The project team was always available to assist as needed and answer questions promptly. I highly recommend Endeavour for your next project.
Review by Mandy F, CPA, CGA on 2015-08-18
Excellent Partner!
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
Endeavour is a fantastic business to deal with. The people at Endeavour are always very happy to help and are very knowledge. Always a pleasure working with them.
Review by Ryan Burnham on 2015-03-03
Excellent Customer Relationship
Pros: * * * * * 4.5 Star
Endeavour has worked with our company for 10 years now and we have made several major changes in GP and the integration module to our operations software. The excellent service provided resulted in smooth transitions through all the changes. In paticular, Andrew's knowledge, work ethic and "out of the box" thinking has been invaluable.
Review by zwatson on 2014-09-12
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Great Customer Service!
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
Endeavour Solutions provides exceptional customer service! They are reliable and respond to any concerns and issues quickly and efficiently. Everyone I have worked with has been friendly, courteous, and helpful.
Review by LisaAMK on 2014-06-26
Endeavour Solutions
Pros: * * * * * 4.5 Star
Great knowledge database! On the training side, in particular, they are able to provide clear, concise, and well understood training across all levels and experience of user. We have been able to establish excellent working relationships with Endeavour staff. They work to understand your business in order to give you the best support.
Review by LynnV on 2014-06-10
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
Working with Endeavour has been an excellent experience. Not only did the transition to a new system execute seamlessly the dedication their team has in ensuring that all adequate training has been provided is priceless. Their patience, efficiency and quality of work is outstanding. I look forward to working with them again.
Review by AmyDuga on 2014-06-05
Endeavour Solutions is a great company!
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
Customer service is excellent. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.
Review by Timothy1974 on 2014-05-28
Pros: * * * * * 4.5 Star
Great group of people to deal with. Have a personal touch and care about their customer's concerns and issues
Review by bblundon on 2014-02-18
Pros: * * * *  4 Star
I enjoy working with Nikki Toole. She provides excellent customer service and goes above and beyond to determine the needs of her customers. She is results focused and finds solutions to issues quickly and creatively. She has in-dept knowledge of the system and can always come up with a solution to my problems. Any staff that I have dealt with at Endeavour are helpful and courteous. They know their stuff
This is more of a comment towards microsoft GP in general. It is confusing for customers to know when updates are available and if and when they are required. I recently had an MR issue and found out that I did not have the most recent update. Is there a way for MS to alert its customer source customers on updates and if they are required. All of the versions and licences are registered with MS so I do not see why this would be an issue. Thanks
Review by MichelleCook on 2014-02-05
Construction VP Finance
Pros: * * * *  4 Star
Product knowledge, support during upgrades, technical knowledge of Dynamics GP and Wennsoft
Review by StratfordGP on 2014-01-24
Fantastic Support
Pros: * * * * * 4.5 Star
Very helpful, knowledge of products exemplary! offers solutions
Review by Jojo2391 on 2014-01-24
Easter Seals Ontario - Finance
Pros: * * * * * 5 Star
Our consultant Rob Volpato, his expertise, responsiveness to our companys issues. Always been solved less then 24 hours.
Review by lfman62 on 2014-01-24
Fielding Chemical Technologies Inc.
Pros: * * * * * 4.5 Star
We have worked with Endeavour for several years. The continuity in the relationship and in the people assigned to our account are a big benefit. They understand our business, our needs and our install. We have a relationship with them and that makes working together easier. On top of that, the level of understanding of the GP and CRM products has also helped a lot.
Support level from the employees of Endeavour Solutions at all levels is outstanding, highly knowledgeable and fun!
Review by Fielding_Chemical on 2014-01-17
Highly recommended company
Pros: * * * * * 4.5 Star
They are always available in the case of an emergency. Great company, great staff and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended
Review by Derek_L on 2014-01-16
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