2017 Mekorma MICR issue with Windows 10 - Will require a Hotfix code update and Dynamics GP database update

There is a known issue that may impact any Microsoft Dynamics GP clients running Mekorma MICR.

We recommend that you contact Endeavour Support to address this issue for you.  Support

In the late spring 2017 Microsoft included an update to .Net 4.7 in the Windows 10 Creators update that has been rolling out to Windows 10 users. This same update is now part of a Windows 7 update that is also beginning to be rolled out.

The update causes various issues with Mekorma including messages about security not being correct and errors when exiting GP. The issues prevent users from printing cheques. Mekorma security cannot be altered to work around the issue. (It isn’t really a security issue anyway, just a false message.) A Mekorma code update must be installed. GP databases will also need to be updated.

The following code packaged are from https://www.mekorma.com/support/downloads.aspx

Mekorma MICR Hotfix Download - GP 2016, GP 2015 and GP 2013

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 System Requirements / Hardware Requirements

Complements of our Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Consultants (GP 2018, GP 2018 R2  and GP Web Client)
This document contains the minimum client hardware requirements, server recommendations and Terminal Server minimum hardware requirements supported by the Microsoft Dynamics GP Technical Support Team. The following server recommendations are not minimum server requirements. The requirements and recommendations are based on experience with many different installations. Users may need to increase these requirements due to environmental factors to achieve individual performance expectations.   Review each Customer Profile below to determine what profile best fits the user count, modules used and transaction volume for your environment. Use that Customer Profile as a recommendation for your server hardware implementation. 

NOTE: Windows 7 is NOW supported as of January 2018 (Windows 7 was announced as previously not supported for GP 2018)

Click to Download the full technical support paper. New System Requirements for Dynamics GP 2018.pdf

For on-premises we now recommend a minimum of 16GB of RAM for clients running Dynamics GP and 32-64GB RAM for Management Reporter (MR) if using datamart.

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