Advanced Bank Reconciliation for Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP in Canada

 Nolan Business Solutions is an approved Endeavour Solutions ISV partner. Approved ISV Partners. Their award-winning add-on software is used to support advanced bank reconciliation (ABR) for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 (Great Plains).  Endeavour's clients in Canada and the USA use Nolan bank rec (ABR) to save their finance team time and effort in performing their daily, weekly or monthly bank-rec in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  As a Canadian Nolan Advisor, you can contact Endeavour for software renewals, quotes, Canadian pricing and discussions around GP Bank Rec product licensing, integration and configuration.

Nolan ABR can give you a faster bank-rec process: From Hours to Minutes

The goal of Nolan Advanced Bank Rec is to: auto-match as many GP transactions as possible

Unlike GP’s reconciliation tool, ABR doesn’t care about the Checkbook ID’s
It links the Bank Account #s to one or more GL Accounts (cash accounts)

Compare, auto-match and reconcile (1) Dynamics GP transactions with (2) Bank statements from Canadian and USA banks.

Bank Rec Canada Microsoft Dynamics ERP GP

  • Auto-post Bank Transactions - automatically create/post GL journals from your statement.
  • Automatic Extract – automatically extract GL transactions when you open the ABR reconcile window.
  • Auto-reconcile imported bank transactions to posted GL transactions (with or without GP Checkbook IDs).
  • Reconcile rules are defined against the Company or individual bank.
    Auto-group transactions using the Deposit Groups.
  • Print historical reports.
  • Unreconcile: Ability to undo a previously performed reconciliation
  • Easily inquire if a cheque has cleared the bank
  • Set reconciliation rules using specific tolerance levels / %
  • Post to multiple GL's and support inter-company postings

Comparison - Microsoft Dynamics GP Bank Rec vs. Nolan Advanced Bank Rec. (ABR)




Nolan ABR

 GP Bank Reconciliation module dependency
 As per GP standard menu options YES YES
 Can use multiple GL accounts NO YES
 Simplified interface YES YES
 Multi-company import processing NO YES
 CSV file import supported NO YES
 BAI format import supported NO YES
 Deposit grouping NO YES
 Advanced reconciliation rules NO YES
 Automatically Post bank statement transactions to the GL NO YES
 Option to un-reconcile if you make a mistake

Nolan ABR demo for Microsoft Dynamics GP - Great Plains (35:01min)


Want to learn more?

For Sales Inquiries

Contact: Steve Ewing, Director Business Development

Toronto:  (905) 542-2139 ext. 213 or
Halifax:   (902) 444-7753 ext. 213
Toll-free: (888) 257-3577

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Pour les demandes liées aux ventes, veuillez communiquer avec:

Eric Labelle, Consultant - Responsable régional Québec
Montréal (514) 429-1209 x 248 

Visiting from the USA?

Endeavour has a proven methodology and process for supporting GP clients remotely, including support for USA bank reconciliation for clients across the USA. We have more information on our USA Dynamics GP Consulting

Dynamics GP - Great Plains Bank Reconciliation Canada

Nolan Canada Bank Rec

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Examples for when Nolan Advanced Bank Reconciliation is a good fit?

Companies with:

  • High transaction volumes (for example, retailers and restaurants)
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Multiple GL cash accounts
  • Credit card transactions

If you need to:

  • Use deposit groups
  • Process cash transactions outside of GP and import in as a GL entry to GP
  • Pay your vendors by ACH, EFT and wires, plus cheques (GP cannot reconcile ACH)

Automated Clearing House (ACH), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Wire Transfer as each used by Canadian Banks including TD Bank, RBC - Royal Bank Canada, CIBC, Scotiabank - Bank of Nova Scotia, BMO - Bank of Montreal, and most Credit Unions in Canada.

Bank statements can be downloaded as .csv (comma separated values) or using the BAI and BAI2 file formats (Examples AP Cheque = (BAI 475), Deposits = (BAI 301) and Transfer = (BAI 195)

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